Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Is there a doctor in the house?

When I think back to when I first came to Japan and what we had in the form of "entertainment" on TV...well....it really was quite sad.

Now...we have satellite receivers, bi-lingual televisions and with the touch of a button, the programs that have been dubbed in Japanese are easily changed back to the original language, whether it's English, Spanish or Korean or any other language that might possibly pop up on a program. We have come a long way....I remember my first little bitty TV....that had the video player attached to the base. It was a hand-me-down from the language school that I worked at and I also had a CD/Tape player-AM-FM radio from them. The radio really came in handy on those nights when an English movie was being broadcast on TV (usually on Friday or Saturday nights). Waaaaay at the end of the FM dial, one could find the English movies being broadcast!! No more trying to read the lips of the actors and block out the Japanese to try and figure out what the heck they were actually saying!

*Of course, when I watched The Milagro Beanfield War I was really frustrated...whenever they spoke Spanish, they put only Japanese subtitles....my Spanish was beginner-level and I'm sure I missed much of what was going on!!!

The video shop was my favorite place....I spent an awful lot of money renting movies...and television dramas, even ones that I didn't really care for....take for example, Twin Peaks. I never really liked that show, but because it was in English, I watched it....never understood many of the parts, but I watched the first season and most of the second....just because I could understand what they were saying, the English, that is!!

My mom, bless her heart, would send videos every week or so with recorded American TV shows....Seinfeld, ER, LA Law, Friends, Frasier, Ray Romano...she would even toss in an episode of Another World or Days of Our Lives if there was time left over at the end of a tape. When I think of the money we spent on videos back then....holy moly!! But...it was money well spent....and her efforts were appreciated by many! The videos made the circuit.....being watched by many a foreigner!!

And now...we have cable. CNN...Discovery...Disney....The History Channel...and yes, there is a God...FOX. And with FOX came a new love.....Dr. House. I know....in the States the show is House, M.D. I asked a Japanese friend why they didn't just use the same title over here and she said that most Japanese people might recognize what the M.D. stands for, but they'd have to think about it....Dr. House is probably more easily understood.

I really wish that I had started numbering my Secret Boyfriends....I'm not sure as to which number I should put Hugh Laurie....hmmmm...let's just say that he is somewhere after Matt...and George.....around there....maybe No. 6 or 7. I don't think that he is really in the same category as Matt or George when it comes to physical beauty (yeah...uh-huh...I said beauty)....with Dr. House, it's a combination of his looks, sarcasm, his 'don't really give a crap about much' attitude, and his ability to be so damn smart...oh yeah...and he rides a awesome motorcycle...all that adds up to one very attractive package! (In my humble opinion.)

I first saw Hugh (I can call him that...you should probably just say Mr. Laurie.) in a show from Britain called Blackadder. I have to admit...in that show...no...huh-uh...not the man I came to know and love from Dr. House. Funny....yes...sexy....mmmmmmm....cute maybe...not sexy.

(I am NOT a fan of the Mr. Bean series....Rowan Atkins in that just bothers me....but in Blackadder, he was actually quite attractive...and funny!!!)

Then, when I watched the Stuart Little movies with the boys, I liked the dad....Hugh, of course....he was just so cool. Hugh does well with all kinds of actors and actresses...even mice!!!

So anyway....where was I...oh yeah....tonight I was going through some of the sites I had bookmarked and came across the GraphJam site....I forget that I have it and there were many graphs to get caught up on. I came across this and knew I had to post it:

song chart memes

more music charts


Okay.... I'm ready to play house....annnnytime!!

EEK!!! This kind of makes my eyes hurt!!! Thank goodness he was funny!!

*Thanks Google Images for the pictures of my Secret Boyfriend..even that last one!!

And since I brought it up....here's just a sample....of Hugh...before he crossed the ocean and became a household name.


Laura/CenterDownHome said...

Yes! I remember him from Black Adder! My husband loves those BritComs, but I had a hard time convincing him that Dr. House was Prince George and Lieutenant George.

I gotta be honest -- I adore Hugh Laurie, but I am so over "House". I used to love it, then, it started to irritate me. Is it premenopausal me,or is it House?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

What is it that makes cranky sexy?

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Hawt Hugh. Are all Hugh's hawt? Because I kinda think Hugh Grant is hawt too, except for the whole hooker thing in Hollywood. That part was not hawt.

Janet said...

ooh that first picture of Hugh Laurie is delicious! I don't care for House, tho...he's just too frickin' mean!

smalltownmom said...

I guess I need to put some House in my Netflix queue. (I've missed a lot of good shows.)

Mrs. G. said...

Love, love Hugh.

Ciara said...

I love House too, its funny in Australia its just called 'House'.No Dr or MD. I used to watch Blackadder too, love Hugh Laurie.


i am very mary said...

No kidding sister, I am loving that man. swoon swoon swoon.

Moxy Jane said...

See, I totally knew him as this British goony bird and couldn't understand why he was suddenly a sex symbol!! Wasn't he in 101 Dalmations, too, the one with Glen Close? Anyhoo...he has cleaned up nicely, but he's still a British goony bird to me.