Monday, September 15, 2008

A holiday in honor of the older people

** post is actually from yesterday (Monday)...last night,as I was downloading some pictures onto (into?) my Picasa account we experienced a major &*#$^&#&$ and all was lost. ~~sigh~~ Now will go to Picasa and see if anything can be salvaged!! **

Today, the third Monday of September, is 敬老の日, Keirō no hi, or Respect for the Aged Day. Until 1966, it was called "Old Folks Day"....I guess it didn't sound honorific enough for the people of that time, so they changed it. If you want to read about this holiday, I found a pretty good article from one of the newspapers on this link right here and it will take you to that's short but gives you some really good information. (If you have any questions, just ask. Okay? Okay.) being the day to honor the older people around us, I was curious as to what age was "old" among the people that I know....I questioned a few (of varying ages) and here is what I found:

*the elementary school kids I asked thought that 40 was pretty old. (I know. What the hell do they know, right??)

*the ones who were in the 27-35 age bracket (like I actually made a chart to go with this...!!) were smart enough to say that 65 was what they considered to be "old". That is the age that you can start receiving the monthly pension....what will probably be depleted by the time I am able to get it.

After was interesting....for those that were over the age of 50 that I asked, it was pretty much a given to add 10-15 years to that person's age. For example, one friend (age 53) said that she thought that 68 was 'old'. Another (age 64) said that 75 was 'old'. One friend (age 84) said that she was old. :-D (She added another element to this experiment.)

Japan is an "aging society". I mentioned the pensions that many have paid into for most of their lives, (me--since I've been here!).....because so many of the young people in this society today are choosing NOT to go into full-time positions, but instead choosing to be freeters, or freelance workers (when I first heard this term I thought they were saying "fritters", as in frittering their time away doing definition might actually work better !!)...which means they are working part-time or for cash only...and not paying into the pension system. What many are afraid of is that in X-number of years, that money is going to be gone and those of us who are younger who have been paying into the system may NOT be given the money we thought we would.

Wow!! That wasn't a "losing a train of thought", that was a total derailment!! Sorry about that!! what did the Kuroiwa Family do on Monday? Well....the boys got up and made some each for Grandma K. (K-man's mom) and for a couple that we have adopted (and they us)....they are like grandparents for me...and great-grandparents for the boys. She is 85 and he is 90...and we love them dearly!!!

The handmade cards.....making use of crayons, colored pens, stickers and those pearly things look mighty familiar...wonder where they found them?!?

After the cards were made, we went to our favorite cake and sweet shop and bought some really good puddings and small cheese cakes (Oh, so very yummiful!!) and had them wrapped up with pretty paper and a bow.

Because the weather wasn't so good (rainy and a bit cool), all three older people refused our invitation to join us in our outing. We took the boys to the Penguin-Aquarium....Koji had never been and it was a perfect day to go. you go....our day at the a slide show....enjoy!!!

It was a great day.....the perfect end to a three-day weekend.

Tuesday (today) was back-to-normal...and it's time to get the boys into bed....I have hidden out long enough back here in my little corner of the house....time to put my "Super Mommy" cape on and get to work!!!

Have a great day!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

So your pension system sounds like Social Security here. Outlook cloudy.

hulagirlatheart said...

Cool! My daughter would so love that place. She is a penguin freak. And may I just say your boys are doggone cute.

phd in yogurtry said...

Not arguing here. 40 IS old. And yes, I'd appreciate a little appreciation : )

Helena said...

Oh please don't remind of the pension... I will be a very poor pensioner. Must find that rich man NOW!

Janet said...

Wonder why the younger folks are doing that? Just rebelling?

Anonymous said...

Old folks day sounds great! I always say old is 80!

Loved the pictures! Glad you took that one of the little poop!

Ciara said...

hey there
loved the pics, looks like you had a fun day out.


Anonymous said...

I am thinking "Old Day" is something to look forward and goodies, sign me up. But we both know that is YEAARRRSSSS down the road. Loved the pics, tell the guys HI.