Wednesday, September 10, 2008

An observation....2 Questions.....and...oh's butt!

Today's observation: (Actually, I had many, but this was the best one!!)

There truly is a God....and he/she is a meat lover and wants us to be happy!!!

Yes....that is a package of Jimmy Dean Sausage! Now, for those of you (especially in the States) possibly wondering to yourselves, "It's just sausage....why is Debbie so excited?" Let me explain.....
Sausages here are....well...unless you pay the big yen and go to the specialty shop that has real brats.....sausages are bona fide "party weenies". When I bite into a piece of sausage, I want to experience a bit of spice...some sage, perhaps...and Jimmy Dean...he knows sausage.
I found these at the store and I'm afraid there might have been some dancing...I might have even told myself (out loud) that "tomorrow was going to be a great day" AAAaaand I might have wondered "how many packages could I buy and not arouse too much attention?" (The answer to that, my friends, is 3...small freezers make it difficult to buy too much in mass quantities!! And the lady at the register did raise an eyebrow. pppfffllltttt!!)
This morning, I fixed them for the boys.....the smell was......heaven.
Issei took a bite and said, "These are like Grandma Linda's. I looooove these."
And they were so close.....Yes, I took a bite, but, I had only a half of one. The temptation to have more was great, but.....the first one tastes sooo much better than the fifth, don't you think?? {smile}
Question #1:
Do any of you ladies (or men....if that's the case...I rule out nothing!) use this Cover Girl lipstick?

If you do....does it make your lips seems a bit more....puffy...than usual?? One of my students asked me today what I had done with my lips...she said that they looked different. I checked in the mirror and, though I hadn't been doing anything other than teaching, they looked like I'd just been smooching!! Just wondering if this is happening to only me.....

Question #2:

During the the opening and closing ceremonies....the Chinese had, what the Japanese call (and the Koreans excel at!) Mass Games. I have always been confused by this term, as I am not Korean or from a communist country (those countries seem to be really good at this sort of thing!).....I was wondering what we call this in English. I thought that mass performance was a bit clearer to describe the gazillion of people all dressed alike, out on the field of the opening and closing ceremonies, all doing pretty much the same thing. But....I don't live in an English speaking world anymore...what do I know?!

Can you help me out here? If your kids were to do this sort of activity at school, or say, at a professional football game you went to, you were given a colored piece of paper and told to raise it up at a specific time...or even if you were to just do 'the wave'.....what would you call that particular group situation??? (Inquiring minds want to know!!)


And now.....before we get to the Weekly Update of Mrs. G.'s 5K Ass Project...I think that I need to stress something. As it has been pointed out to me countless times over the past 30-some years....I don't really have an ass. I got a pretty good rack...but not much back there.

Oh....I do have's a bit flat. (And thank you my dear friends~~you know who you are~~who reminded me of this fact when I told you about this project...amid your giggles and's a good thing I love you.......don't forget....I know where you live!!!) work on this non-existent behind that I have....I have started doing exercises to help build those muscles. We're going to try anyway....we'll see.

I also have started doing a workout, here at I am NOT one for aerobics...or jogging...or weightlifting....I'm doing what I'm enjoying the most right now.....this....4 times a week....

And before you're all like, "oh, that's not exercise..."-- Let me stop you right there. If you do it correctly, it's a pretty good workout...makes a person sweat... plus, it's pretty inspiring. See that girl...on the cover??

THAT is what I want to look like!!!

Butt...for now....this is what I got going!! It's not much at this point in time...but in a few's gonna look great!!


Nancy said...

All these question! I'll keep checking back for the answers, lol

Your butt? LOL .. I WISH I had less junk in the trunk!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

1. I don't know about THAT particular lipstick, but in an ill advised moment of thinking, what the heck, I'll try it, I bought some promise of fuller lips lipstick (don't remember the brand), it burned and tingled like Holy Hell. Preparation H on the lips or something. Besides, puffy bass-mouth is overrated. I'll stick to the lips God gave me. So as to enjoy sausage and kissing and smiling without my lips on fire.

2. We called that "Drill Team" in high school.

And . . . THAT'S YOUR ASS? And you're saying it will get better. Dude. Seriously. That is a perfect ass just like it is. Plus, I love Levi jeans. I gotta go get some. Right now.

The title of your post is awesome.

Love to you!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, sausage.

I have a flat butt too.

I use that same exact lip stick, but in a different color. I don't notice my lips looking puffier, but I also don't use their gloss, but one of my own. Maybe it's just the sparkle that makes them look different?

Janet said...

i LOVE that there's a tatami mat in the background of the lipstick pic LMAO!

Mrs. G. said...

Hey, nice ass.

I just bought some of that lipstick last week. I will let you know if I notice any puffiness-I haven't worn it yet.

hulagirlatheart said...

No on the lipstick. I can't even find my lips half the time.

Sausage queen...I guess you can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl, eh? And keep up the hula.

And here's where I go all Issac Mizrah on you...your backside is fine but girl, get you some tighter jeans. That baggy business at the top of your cheeks needs to go. Snug it up and I guarantee you feel hotter in those britches.

Ginaagain said...

Hmm.. I've never seen that kind of lipstick. I might have to look for it.

I think hula is fantastic exercise. There was a study about dance and overall health a couple of months ago... I'll have to find it and send it on to you. I wish my ass looked that good.. although honestly I kind of like my ass. It's a lot flatter than my stomach. Ugh!

The Girl Next Door said...

I want your ass - it rocks!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I think your ass is looking fab!

Good for you for sticking to half a sausage.

i am very mary said...

Um, peer pressure. I call it peer pressure. And I am not down with peer pressure. Or groupthink. And if all my friends jumped off a bridge (or did the wave or held up some paper) I swear to jehovah I would not do it. Mom.

Anonymous said...

NO lipstick here. Mass paper project...did it a Air Force band day, but don't know what it's called. As for the "butt", I too have a flat one, my perfect solution is: LIPPO RELOCATION..move it from the tummy to the butt to plump it. Fixes both problems....hehe. Just need to find someone to preform the proceedure at a very CHEAP price.
Congrats on the Sausage.

Sojourner said...

I don't do lipstick. I am glad you found suasage that makes you happy. Your butt looks like my Jen's- which means I love it. Cause I think she has the hottest butt going.

Why can't we all just be happy with what we've got and just try to stay healthy?

Helena said...

With regards to the sausages I can totally relate to how you feel! I got so excited when I discovered Swedish meatballs in the supermarket here I think I did a little dance too!

Answer to Q1: Haven't tried it. But I'm intrigued now.

Answer (or more like an observation) to Q2: Don't know if there is a word for it yet but the Brits do Mass-Games when they go on holiday - mass-bingo, mass-aqua-aerobics, mass-karaoke, mass-friggin' everything... mass-saddos, I'd say.

3rdEyeMuse said...

sorry, no answers here (don't use lip goo & don't think there is a term here in the states for large group synch ... though I did think "drill team" was a riot of a response) ... hula! now THAT's pretty brilliant! I think I'd actually try it. :) as for your buttox, I'm with the rest of them - yours is better than AOK ... though tighter jeans really are a good idea. :)