Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Feeling discombobulated....and blaming it on Travis Tritt

According to the Urban Dictionary...
discombobulated: out of order, blabbering nonsense, confuzed, confuzzled,
Yes, my friends....that be me right now. I have taken randomness and turned it up a notch.

I sat here at the computer last night and seriously...had so many thoughts and ideas on what I wanted to post....I finally just gave up...watched some YouTube and went to bed.

Thought today would be better...but...hell no! I've just had some coffee so the thoughts are coming in clearer now. Buckle up....it's gonna be a weird ride.
Realized that brown lipstick...even shiny, sparkly brown lipstick looks really really bad on me. I'm not much of a girly-girl, but I do have my moments. Must go and buy some shiny, pink stuff today.

Putting on a pair of pants that I haven't been able to wear since, oh, I don't know...1990...makes a girl feel just pretty damn good!
Having a son's kindergarten teacher inform me that while she was talking to him about something, he flipped her off (oh yes, he did!) is probably NOT going to make the evening go very well. A) No...we don't do that in this house and have never done that...at least not where anyone under the age of 10 can see. B) I don't know where he got that but am looking at the various manga (comics) that are as far from 'age appropriate reading' as you can get that keep coming into this house....could also come from any form of media that surrounds us....grrrrrr. C) Inform oldest son that the before mentioned manga are no longer allowed in this house. D) I don't really have a (D), I was just on a roll there for a moment.

I had an "if it hadn't been for the beer, I might have been embarrassed" kind of moment on Saturday night.......went to a friend's house for a party...had so much fun as she and I hadn't seen each other in a long time. Other people were there...including another American, who I hadn't seen in ages either. Now...this particular American is younger (27), male (pretty damn close to the Alpha-variety), and just really cute. Since we last saw each other, he has been working out and looking very hot nice.

Debbie: So...really...you're looking bigger since the last time I saw you.
Hotty: Bigger? Is that good?
Debbie: Oh yeah..I mean...you know...in a "have you been working out" kind of way....
(at this point, I'm think that probably there was some touching...fondling...of his arm)
Hotty: Yeah...I've been working out during the summer holiday.
Debbie: Well....you are looking good.
(Which actually probably sounded more like "gooooooood". And my hand was still on his vurrry niiiiiice arm.)
Hotty: ..................................
Debbie: Sorry....was that just a bit too cougarish for you?
Hotty: Actually....that was just enough.
At this point, I might have giggled....if I had long hair, I would have tossed it over my shoulder.

I need to do some two-stepping. (Here comes the Travis Tritt part!)
After years of denying that I liked country music, I will come clean and say, okay okay OKAY...I like it! I was going through some CDs the other day and found some that I hadn't listened to in a long time. And now.....I need to dance.
And no....not just any kind of dance.
I want that hold-me-close with your hand on the small of my back ('cause you know I have a tendency to want to lead!) kind of dance. Where I can feel your breath on the side of my head....and the sound of your voice in my ear is just....~sigh~...nice.

The first time I ever felt this was when I was a 6th grader....at one of our friend's party in the basement of her house (with parents perched on the stairs, I'm sure making sure no funny business was going on!!). I danced with another friend's older brother....and in spite of the fact that he changed the lyrics to one of the songs into something dirty...that feeling that comes with two-stepping was something that I really liked.

Over the years, I danced with my late father, various cousins, my brothers (yes, even my youngest brother, Mr. "don't talk to me, I'm counting") and while in high school there were a few of the "boys from another town" that were always good for a turn on the dance floor....one in particular, I shall call him "Sexy Rexy", because I always did...and he was.

So listening to the sounds of country music has brought back a flood of really nice memories. And it has reminded me that I didn't get my "fix" of boot-scootin' across the floor that I usually get during the summer when I can go "home". I've tried to get the K-man to dance like that, but....no...sorry...doesn't work. He likes to dance, just not two-stepping. I'm trying to teach the boys...and they think it's fun....for about one song and then they are done.
Hmmm....I wonder if the hotty from Saturday night can dance.....{smile}.

So.... I think I've rambled long enough...and will leave you with the song that, I think, pretty much started this whole discombubulated feeling....turn it up...grab a partner, or if no one is there with you, what the hell, just pretend you have one and...enjoy.


The Girl Next Door said...

To the 1990s pants fitting I saw WOOT!

to discombobulated - one of my favorite words - I say I feel you!

And I LOVE Country music and want to learn to 2 step. will you teach me? Trace Atkins is currently #1 on the hottie list. My15YO daughter thinks that's gross. I think he's HAWT

and the whole Cougar thing? Funny. I just learned that word the other day.

The Girl Next Door said...

OOPS that first line is "I SAY (now saw) WOOT. It's late here you know? And i'm still at work...

Anonymous said...

My Guy is a great 2 stepper and I love the way I feel when we are dancing. Note to self....must do more dancing. Best of all all the boys now 2 step...even Keag..still a bit stiff but getting better. Deb, have fun with the country music and the guys(your guys...but Hotty would work...hehe).

ms-teacher said...

I love hearing from you even if the post may be discombobulated :)

As for your youngster flipping the bird, he was probably just testing his limits. It's typical behavior for most kids his age :)

hulagirlatheart said...

1990 pants fitting...a priceless feeling don't you think? God, I love it when that happens.

Janet said...

great rambling! You cougar, you :-) Maybe once I lose this weight, I'll be one too!

Country music...SO not my thing LMAO!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Just how much alcohol was involved in your cougar incident?!

I have heard from a Japanese friend that Manga is unlike anything we can imagine here.

Wow on the pants fitting thing--it might work for me too, but I was pregnant in 1990!

Susan said...

Congrats on the 90's pants thing!That's Great! Anyways..... was the dance in Gwen's basement you were talking about? I remember that one! Ahhhhh slow dancing. When me and Bill are slow dancing I always get that same old feeling I got years ago.

Anonymous said...

That exchange w/ the Hotty was hilarious!

Ginaagain said...

I'm so happy that you are happily shrinking. :-0 Was that too many happys in one sentence? It sounds like those 1990's jeans are making you feel all young and flirty!

Michael said...

LOL..what a great post!

Thanks for stopping by...I'm sure I can accommodate international readers, even with a little small something.

(I lived in Germany for a year and a friend of mine sent me Twizzlers...you'd have thought I died and gone to heaven!)

Grandy said...

Now my sister has blamed me for a lot of the words my nephew has used, but I didn't teach your boys the bird...I swear!!

Yeah on the fitting in smaller jeans.

And YEAH for having fun with HOTTIE!! :)

3rdEyeMuse said...

this soooo tickled my funny bone from beginning to end! rah, rah, RAH! to the jeans & the hottie exchange!