Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Really? It's ONLY Wednesday?!?!?!

I'm having an incredibly hard time getting the energy to post something. I had all these really great ideas earlier....witty comments about interesting and exciting topics...and then, sometime during dinner (I think I was eating some salad) I was hit by a tsunami of the blaaaaaahs. So, I apologize if there are spelling errors...or grammar mistakes...or a total disregard for organization in posting (that you should be used to!!).....I'm blaming it on {insert excuse here} and will be better tomorrow. (And yes, I know...your name's not Shirley!!)

My son....the manga character.

And I just realized from looking at this picture that he really needs a haircut (Issei, not the manga character!)!! I know...."But it's so short," you're saying....Actually, my son goes for the "one or two more millimeters and we'll be calling it a 'shaved head'" kind of haircut!!! Better put that on our list of "stuff we have to do this weekend".
After dinner, in my 'blahdom', instead of jumping up and getting to that sink of dirty dishes, I opted to take a bit of a break on the sofa before diving into the bubbles. It was nice to just lie there....and I do believe I snoozed...just a bit.
When I woke up, was refreshed enough to tackle the kitchen, Issei informed me that Daddy had taken my picture with my cell phone.
"Why did he do that?" I asked.
"Today is always take a picture of your butt on Wednesday."
I'm so glad I can get my family involved in my blogging!!! {smile}

A 5K LazyAss Picture Update

This week was pretty good. I took a couple walks around the neighborhood....we have some good hills ("feel that burn"!!) and the weather has been a bit cooler at night so working up a sweat wasn't as painful as it was a few weeks ago.

When I first started this whole "lifestyle adjustment", I was very lucky that 8 kilograms (about 18 pounds) came off pretty quickly. I knew that couldn't continue at that rate, but still....when the plateau hit......

...I wasn't very happy. I'm trying to stay positive in all this because I know that this plateau will pass, I just have to hang in there and not give up. The good thing is that I haven't gained any as long as that continues, I'm okay!!! I have 4 more kilos that I want to lose....I can do this!!! I just have to remember how incredibly good I nice it is to wear those pants I bought about 12 years ago (uh-huh...still got 'em, and a couple of skirts, my "skinny box"!!) if I keep in mind the incredibly nice and encouraging comments I've been getting here from you and from my students...all that combined will help me be strong when temptation (aka. Oreo Cookies!) strikes!!!

So...I think that this calls for some yumminess of the hunky kind...a lot of help me through this. Matt would want it that way!!

But wait....a giggle before I go......

I wish you all a great day....lots of positive stuff and sunshine...and skinny pants that fit!!!

*Images from GoogleImages and my personal album.


Mrs. G. said...

Still working on the skinny pants. You have a great day too.

Janet said...

lolol your husband taking your picture, and that video, both made me laugh!!!

I lost my first 5 lbs doing WW (started 9/3)!

apathetic bliss said...

OMG I love the video!!!

Helena said...

I loooove the video! Made me laugh out loud.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That looks like a skinny ass shot to me!

hulagirlatheart said...

I'm sorry did you say something? I was distracted by Matt. He is hotter than a firecracker in July.

And thirty lashes to your husband. Does he not remember that vow "I promise to never take a butt shot of my wife"? It was right after love, honor and wash her car.

The Girl Next Door said...

You Go Girl - I am still working my way UP the scale. Sigh. And that youtube is lol hilarious.