Friday, August 29, 2008

Yesterday...was one of THE best days..

I apologize...this is kind of long and possibly a bit 'rambley'...if you don't want to read all the way through (I can't imagine your not wanting to, but...that's just me!!!),that's okay...just make sure you go to the bottom....there's some fun stuff down there!!!

I had one of those days yesterday that, when it's over and you're thinking about what all happened, you just really wish you could go back and live it again. The boys got up and ready to "carpe diem" with very little stress....I didn't have to make a bento for Issei because we had ordered one for him...on the way to the daycare, there was very little traffic and I hit every single green light on the way...after dropping Koji off, I continued to a special English class that I was helping a friend with.

Here in Nagasaki (as in the majority of anywhere), English education starts in the first year of Junior High (7th grade), continuing on through High School (3 years) and for many, into a couple of years (or more) of university. If a student is lucky enough to go to a private elementary school, then, sometimes, English study begins in the 1st grade...and usually with a native speaker.

A few years ago, the Nagasaki Board of Education started a program called "Hello English"...designed to get the elementary school kids interested in English and give them some contact with the language. The Board of Education hired native speakers of English and also some Japanese people who can speak and understand the language. I think that it is a good program and the kids seem to like it.....but soon, there will be some new changes....

Next year, starting in the new school year in April, all 5th and 6th grade curriculum will include...yes...English. It will be a special class, not everyday, but once a week....and with a textbook. Has the local board of education made provisions for native speakers to come in and teach those classes? no no! The homeroom teachers will be in charge of this.

Do most elementary school teachers speak English well enough to teach it?

Oh..No No NO NO NO NO N!

Do most elementary school teachers speak English?

You can say it with me now....NONONONONONONONONONO!

Are the teachers getting a bit nervous?

You bet your bippies they are!

And this, my friend, is where yours' truly comes in.

Yesterday, the class I helped with was a group of teachers that my friend works with at one of her schools she visits as a Hello English teacher. The principal had asked her if she could give his teachers a lesson to help them get prepared. She asked me to come and know...because I am a "native speaker of the English language :-D.

The original plan for a 30-minute "mini" lesson, turned into a little more than an hour. The teachers had a great time and did really well. The principal (who also took the class!) LOVED IT!!! He was so excited!! My friend called me after I had left and said that he was still talking about it and the teachers were still very excited!!! Hell, she and I were e-mailing each other 3 hours later saying how excited we still were!!!!!

Before I had arrived, she said they were talking about how nervous and unsure of doing this they were....after I left, they were energized and excited and had the feeling that maybe, just maybe, they could do this!!

When I first heard about this curriculum change last year, I wanted to get a class going for teachers, because I know they are going to need one....not only for their own English language ability, but also for "how to teach" English help and advice. Don't get me wrong, I am in no way a "Master Teacher" in this area, but...I have been teacher for over 20 years (Good Lord! Can that be possible?!?!)....5 of those years in an ESL classroom in the States...and 17 years here. Plus...the teachers need someone that is energetic and fun and willing to help.

Yeah....hello...this class has my name all over it!!! :-D

We were talking to the principal after the class and he was saying that the "teachers really needed this kind of class to help them prepare"....yeah, uh-huh...keep going....and that he was going to talk to other principals....about the class....and....about me!!!

Let me just stop here for a moment and say....Holy Mother of all that is right with the world....THIS is what I need. Please, let this happen...I hate to get my hopes up, but man oh much fun would this be!

I have been feeling, for the past few months, that...even though I love my life and my classes and my students here....something is missing...I'm not sure what it is...but....maybe, just maybe...this is what was missing. I don't know but...even as I am typing this....the idea of teaching this kind of class is getting me energized...and a great feeling!!

I'll keep you posted on what happens...I don't see anything happening very quickly...I can hope it will, but....we'll just have to wait and see.

I'm also thinking that it might not hurt to go to the temple AND the church to talk to the Powers That Be....definitely can't hurt!!!

Flamingo Friday

(He is supposed to be moving...I don't think he is...oh well...if he's NOT moving...just picture him taking a drink every now and then of his Boat Drink!!!)

And now....something that just tickled my proverbial 'funny bone'......enjoy!!!

song chart memes, if you are thinking to yourself..."Oh man! I haven't seen that skit in such a long time. I remember I laughed so hard!!!"

Then, maybe, you were all, "I wonder if YouTube has it?"

The answer But...if you go here... you can see it.....and enjoy the moment all over again!!!

"Candygram." Priceless!!

more graph humor and song chart memes


Anonymous said...

Oh, good luck on the class! Sounds like just your thing! I'll be sending you positive vibes!

Nancy said...

Whoot! Fingers crossed on the class!

LOL @ Landshark ... a classic.

Janet said...

Good luck on that class; you DO sound perfect for it!!!

Helena said...

I think you really should go to the temple AND the church and put it all out there. I believe in cosmic ordering (it's true.. I do!!) so start manifesting now girl. :-)

i am very mary said...

The classes sound SO fun! This year I'm working on a challenging new project, and I always love the invigorating feeling of starting something new!

i am very mary said...

PS - Got your letter and your cards are going out in the mail on Tues!

Susan said...

Wow, Deb, that sounds so cool, and totally right for you! I will keep my fingers, toes, and legs crossed for you! Good Luck!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Dear Powers That Be In Nagasaki,

Give Debbie the job.

Her Friend Jenn

Ginaagain said...

I'm so excited for you! I hope everything works out for the class.

I think I'd rather have a landshark than a kirby salesman.. they come to my door all the time.

3rdEyeMuse said...

fingers and toes crossed for you! I soooo hope it works out.

and thank you, thank you for that hystyerical little pie chart (spouse and I often spew "land shark" response to each other)

All Adither said...

Love charts. Good science. ;)