Thursday, August 14, 2008

Today was just a great family-kind-of-day...with a "water" theme

I have some great pictures to share with you but...the K-man has the "keys" to the camera tonight (he took it with him to meet some old friends!) and I can't download them. Plus...I will have to convince him that putting them on my disc when he gets home later is a wonderful idea and he really should do it tonight.
*A note about the K-man.....he is very anal extremely organized in that he only likes to put pictures on my disc at the end of each keep everything in a more orderly fashion. I know!!! How I ended up with this man goes beyond the realm of believability!!! {{smile}} to Google Images, I can give you a bit of what we did today...

First...we played in the river...this time the boys had suits. Mom and Dad just said "to hell with it" and went swimming in their clothes. Note to self....don't ever wear a white t-shirt if there is the chance of getting wet. I'm just saying!

Then....because we didn't get enough water at the river....we went to the beach. We decided we like the river better because the sea salt is nasty and we feel all "peta peta" (sticky") in the car. BUT...the river doesn't have the'll be a tough decision next time.

And keeping with the "water" theme...we went to an onsen that sits right on the beach...yeah...I was all "But it's a hot day...why on earth would I want to go and sit in some hot water?!?!". The K-man's theory was that if you sit in water that is hotter than outside, when you go back outside, you'll feel cooler.
No....sorry, my love, not so much...but I didn't tell him...he felt so strongly about that, I don't want to be the one to burst that particular bubble. (ssshhhh...don't say anything!)

Realized that my sunscreen washed off in the river so now the back of my neck and my arms are a bit red...must find some of this soon....

Tonight, the K-man is meeting some friends of his from junior high...hence, the "old friends" remark up above....and the boys and I are on our on for we picked up some of this for dinner.

And when the boys go to bed...which I'm planning on it being early since they played so hard all day long....I'm going to watch this movie because it's one of my favorite "chick flicks" (thanks Bad Mom for reminding me of it!)

You all have a great day....Now I have to go and warm up some chicken for my boys and find me some know...'cause the pain from my sunburn is so very bad!!


Helena said...

Sounds like a lovely day! I loved the onsens in Yufuin. But there it was cold outside and hot in the water. The perfect combination, I'd say.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Debbie in a wet t-shirt contest? Do we HAVE to wait for the end of the month for photos?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That is a lot of water play for one day. I hope the Aloe helps.

Anonymous said...

Deb, Keagan would have loved being a part of your family yesterday, he started HIGH SCHOOL. Actually he came so chatty and already had so many funny stories. I think he is gonna fit right in. Sounds like your day was really great tho.

Ginaagain said...

What a nice day!