Friday, August 01, 2008

and so....hmmmm...well...okay...uh-huh....

There seems to be an epidemic of "what the heck do I blog about" going around. No...I'm sorry, that's wrong...I have plenty of things to blog about, just no energy to actually do it. After spending the last hour or more, sitting back here in my little corner of the house, trying to read other peoples' blogs....praying for some kind of divine intervention to help me get my "blogging mojo" back, I finally realized what the problemo was.
It's about 11:30 on Friday night, here in Japan....If all were right with the world.....I would actually be sitting on my mom's patio in my pink flamingo boxer shorts (you expected something else!!) and 'grandpa-style' t-shirt, drinking coffee and talking with LindaLoo (my mom!) and possibly having a muffin while we discussed why we hadn't gotten up at the crack of dawn to go out to eat pancakes at the Lion's Club Breakfast (at which my brother, who has to be the head Lion by cooking, as well as my nephew Rafe, who can give you lessons on making the perfect pancake!!!)
Man!! I was having a pity party and didn't even realize it!!
Ah, yes, 'denial'--a great state to be in!
Okay...time to shake it off Debbie-doo...let's get some pictures posted and put together a post and then get to bed so we can be rested for class tomorrow and then maybe, just maybe, a really great post can be written tomorrow!! (Remember...I've got some good stuff...some bloggy bling/love I got and need to pass on, NOT putting a picture of my ass on the Internet but still getting involved in others doing it, cooking classes in English....oh so much, much more!!) Please come back again, okay? Please? Okay. Thanks so much.

So...yesterday, as I was walking to one of my classes, I passed by this car.....just another example of how the Japanese meaning of something and the foreign meaning are really, two different things!!!

~~~~~~~~~~Oh yeah...Big Brother Security...I'm feeling all safe and cozy now!!!~~~~~~~~~


Wednesday, I had a cooking class. On the menu was:

Taco Salad on Rice


Debbie's Pineapple Salsa



The day was fun....there were 16 people there...15 women and one brave man! They were divided into 4 different groups and I leaned something very important that day.....MY STUDENTS DON'T READ DIRECTIONS!!!! :-D And I know this because.......? Because I had to say "Go back and read what it says." about a gazillion times!!! It's a good thing that I like this class and that I have a good sense of humor!!! (It really was a hoot!!)

I took some pictures, and will post them another time, but...

this my favorite! This is Mrs. Hirota. As we were having our meal, she noticed that she was using a spoon to eat her salad...and I was using chopsticks.

She: are really very good at chopsticks.

Me: And you are really good at using a spoon!

3...2...1....We both got a good giggle out of that!!!

Speaking of quesadillas....the other day, Issei had noticed that I had bought a few packages of tortillas in preparation for the cooking class.

"I haven't had a quesadilla is such a long time. Can I have one in my lunch tomorrow?" And so...that is what he got. Roasted chicken quesadillas, 2 tator tots, 2 cheese fried wontons, fresh veggies and of course, the Hard Rock Cafe wet towel to make sure he was all clean.. Issei's mommy was rocking the "gaijin (foreign) momma bento" that day!!!

.....and last but not least.....


These are tea cups my mom sent me for Christmas a few years ago! I lrrrrrve them so much!!!! Aren't they great?!?!

And with that....I bid you all a good night...oyasumi nasai!!


3rdEyeMuse said...

I adore that shot of you and Mrs. Hirota! That's definitely my kind of class. :)

... did you happen to pack an extra lunch box for me? jk - but it sure does look tasty!

Ginaagain said...

You are absolutely the coolest Teacher/Mom in Japan! I'm sorry that you are feeling a little down and missing home.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

OMG! You have the prettiest smile in the WORLD! And I lurve thinking of you in pink flamingo boxer shorts.

Mr Farty said...

Dude! Love the teacups!

Helena said...

Aaahhh, that's what it's all about - a pity-party. I can totally relate to that. I want to be somewhere else too.

I absolutely love the teacups, by the way!

Karen MEG said...

Teaching and food combined ... you rawwwwk!!!
Sorry you're a little uh-hum... maybe it's the time of year. Hope things pick up for you over the weekend (((hugs)))

Nancy said...

Great photo of Mrs. H and you!

Spoon vs Sticks .... LOL

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That is one tasty looking lunch.

Next year . . .

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb,
relating to your home sick feeling. I so wanted to go home this weekend and enjoy the fair. Father-in-law had better ideas for Dave, so I sit here having pity party as well....NEXT YEAR

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Gorgeous pic of you and Mrs. H - she looks very 1950s mom. I love it :D

Susan said...

I had a pity party, Sat. morning before parade, we sat in your mom's yard thinking you should have been here! We missed you all, Linda Loo, Cindy, Leslie, and me, we all bitched about it just a little bit. Oh well, next year, for sure!That will be my 30th class reunion, to which you are invited. Brad Dowell alrealy planning it for my patio!(Bill is so excited, ha ha)