Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A bit of a rant...and a "who do YOU think it is?"-type question

Answer: 163.

Question: How many posts are in Debbie's Google Reader right now waiting to be read and hopefully commented on?

That's right....163! I haven't even been on vacation!!!
At this point in time, I'm thinking that I'm just going to hang on until 175 (that sounds like a good number, don't you think?!) before I get serious about this reading thang.

And then again...I might just say, "Nah...." and click all of them as "READ"....as in the past tense. For some of you....and you know who you are...I'm blaming you.

Yes....You...and I know that I'm guilty of this too, so I'm apologizing right now, but for this post, it's all about YOU...in your attempt to "share the love" and pass out the wonderful bloggy awards...you have, in turn, put me in "Blog Reading Hell"!!!

No. I canNOT just read your blog and "Oh that's nice." and go on to the next good friend that I read almost daily. OH NO!!...I have to go and check out all 7....or 14 of the blogs that you have passed on awards to! Seriously....I have to draw the line somewhere....and errrrrrcccccchhhh (sound of a car squealing to a stop...work with me here!!)....there's the line. Ride is over. Get out.

I appreciate your wanting to introduce me to your friends...really I do. But...I have friends already that I have been slightly ignoring. Many of you have 7 or 9 posts that I have yet to read....and I will get to them soon...really...I'm going to try.

But....if I don't...please don't hold it against me. It's hot here and NO we still have no air conditioner!!! My brain has now become kind of mushy. My thighs are sweating and starting to stick to the chair. There is a bead of sweat that is making my life quite interesting...it's going down the middle of my back and right now is about to meet the top of my boxer shorts....it's been fun tracking its route.

Okay...enough of that crap. Shake it off Debbie. You can do this.

Thanks for letting me vent...I figure that if you are still reading, then you truly are a good friend, and for that, I thank you.
And really...I have had fun reading and meeting new people...so many out there to get to know!!! And I don't even have to leave my house....though right now...I'm looking for a chance to get in the car with air conditioning...hmmm....Internet Cafe? May be a new option!! See....I'm getting more positive about all this even as I type!!! {{smile}}

So....here's the question....the K-Man comes into the kitchen tonight and shows me THIS picture...."Dare to omoimasuka?"...."Who do you think this is?"

I looked at it....hmmmm....knowing the K-man like I do, I know that it has to be a musician....but....who? After throwing out a few names (all wrong!), he told me it was........THIS MAN...

Oh....my!! As I hadn't really thought of Jackson Browne in a really long time, this took me by surprise. Personally, I'm thinking he is still pretty hawt...you know...for an old guy!!! teehee

He has a new album that is coming out...and yes, of course, the K-man has we have already ordered it. I'm really looking forward to hearing what he sounds like now....I can't imagine him sounding very much different from the way he did back in 1979. Oh...I did love him and his music.

And so....I will leave you with this blast from the past. This music always takes me back to a very happy time.....I hope it works for you too!!! Enjoy!!!


Anonymous said...

I get overwhelmed by my reader all the time. I don't read on the weekend and inevitably I have a million posts to mark as read on Monday. And I'm a link follower too!
Good luck!

Mrs. G. said...

Sometimes you just have to say enough is enough. I'm working it on it-my family still needs a wife and mother. Just so NO MORE BLOGS and stick with your original peeps.

Nancy said...

Yeah, I get the guilts over that whole reader! I try not to add new logs, but I end up adding more. Then I try to go back and delete some I don't read as much ...not so easy.

I love the young JB!

Helena said...

Don't stress yourself out about it. Especially now when the air-con is out of ord. Could you sit in the fridge for a while? :-)

Oh, those were the days when musicians actually could play an instrument, sing AND look good.

Susan said...

This is really weird. We listened to Jackson Brown Sat. night(Running on Empty) while making supper and drinking Bloody Mary's. Also I just read that he is suing John McCain and Co. for using his song in his campaign.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I know . . . but I love all the pretty blogs!

And really? That's Jackson Browne?

Moxy Jane said...

Well, gosh, it's tough being one of the popular kids now, isn't it?!;-)

Jackson Brown? I thought it looked more like Dennis Hopper!!

Internet Cafe and an icy drink sound the way to go.

I don't use a reader. I just have my favorites bookmarked and try to stay loyal to those...with brief excursions here and there should the mood strike. But I always come back here!

Janet said...

My best friend in high school LOVED him.

As I've added new folks (you, for example) I've deleted some I don't read much anymore or can't remember why I added them in the first place LOL! Shhh...don't tell anyone ;-)

Peggy Sez.. said...

I sooo do the same thing.I figure if those folks deserved an award they must be purty darn good. I consider it my duty to drop by and partake of their award winning brand of bloggyness.

Maybe we need an intervention..Or at least blog about one. *snort*

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I know exactly what you mean about the linky love.

The weather here in Colorado is fantastic, Fort Collins is one of the nicest cities I've ever visited--the only thing missing is you!

Karen MEG said...

I have 1000+ unread at all times.. I'm nuts, I know. I;m not as polite as you, I have to mark all read. Or I'd lose it.

But there's no way I would have known that was Jackson Browne.

Ginaagain said...

This is why I don't use a reader. I have two lists, my official blog list (on my blog) and a list saved in my favorite places. I check the list on my blog every day and the other ones I read when I have some extra time and I don't feel guilty if I don't read every new post.

Grandy said...

Click delete and start fresh hun. I don't even have reader though, so I shouldn't talk. But...as your friend, I understand. ;)