Monday, August 18, 2008

Big 'ole storm going on out will just update!

Yeah....we have one hell of a thunderstorm happening right now....and as I count (Mississippi 1, Mississippi 2, Miss....) I'm finding my self not getting much further than 2 or 3. Getting a little close, me thinks, so will do a quick update and I'm shutting this puppy down for the night!!!

Olympic Hammer HottieUpdate

Damn. Damn. Damn. My man Koji looked vurrrry nice out there on the field...threw pretty good, but...just. not. good enough. I think that he ended up 5th overall....which really isn't that bad. The K-man and I thought that the fact that he was smiling and laughing and talking to the other hammer throwers was a good sign. No bad sportsmanship there!!! Just one more reason to pledge my undying affection to him!!! {{smile}}.


A few conversations during tonight's competition:

Deb: (as I walked into the living room to catch the Olympics, already in progress)

Oh, my God!! He shaved his face!!!

K-Man: It's a clip from the Athens Olympics...don't worry.

Deb: Oh...I was worried....

K-Man: He looks better without the mustache and stuff.

Deb: No....sorry...not really.

K-man: He looks like me.

Deb: .................................................

K-man: But, look....his hair is getting really thin.

Deb: That makes you very happy doesn't it?

K-man: {{smile}}


K: His face is really small. If he were fat, his face would be bigger.

D: uh-huh

K: He is really big...he just has a lot of muscle.

D: You're right.

K: Like me.

D:............oh yeah...just like you. You and that Koji could be twins.

K: {{smile}}


D: Tomorrow when you shave, could you shave so it looks like his?

(The K-man has been on vacation for the last 5 days and hasn't shaved!!)

K: I can't.

D: Oh C'mon. I'll take a picture and then you can shave the rest'll look so cool.

K: No. I. Can't. I don't have enough hair. Murofushi has "hairy Russian DNA"...he's got a lot of hair.

D: I'll fill it in on the computer.

K: {{smile}} (and raising one eyebrow....he's thinking about it!!!)

(By the way....Koji Murofushi's mother is a Russian athlete, shot put I think...Dad was also an Olympic hammer thrower...the guy couldn't help being a great athlete!! His sister is too!!!)


D: I love you, but.....I'm sorry, you do know that if he calls me....I'm gone.

K: Okay, I understand............I'm not really worried.


(At the end of Murofushi's 5th throw, I was sort of talking to the know how we do when we watch sports!!!)

D: Oh...Koji Koji Koji!!!!!!

My Koji: What? What? What?

Okay....on that note...I'm out of here!!! Big thunder!! Big lightening!! Time to call it a night!!! Oyasumi nasai, minna san!!! Good night, everyone!!!

And I will leave you with......."The boys of summer....Japanese style"!!!


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Love this!

And those Boys of Summer, Japanese style.

And what? You can't blog it the rain?

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

That was supposed to say:

" . . . in the rain?"

dkuroiwa said...

Oh, sure, I can blog in the rain...but, it's the lightening that, according to my mom and my grandmother is "going to get me".....thanks to them, I'm also pretty fearful of talking on the phone when it's lightening, too.

Susan said...

And don't forget, you can't take a bath while it's lightening either.
I am married to an electic guy, so he believes all that stuff.

Love the Boys of Summer!

I'ts cool and rainy here, too, We had like 3 inches in the last few days.

Anonymous said...

Sorry the hottie didn't win. Good thing you have your own look-alike ;)