Friday, March 07, 2008

Yes....It's that time of week again...and...Debbie's being lazy so.....

It's Friday....Thank Gawd!! Not that it has been extra busy or super long or anything, I'm just at the end of my "energy rope" and there ain't no room to tie a knot and hang believe it will be a weekend to refresh myself.

So...because this is a great way to get a post done, I give you...this week's feastaroo!

If you could be any current celebrity for one whole week, who would you want to be?
Oh...this one is so easy....I'd be Sarah Silverman...'cause she's doing "you know what" with Matt Damon!!!!!!! :-D ("on the bed, by the door, .......")

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being highest), how much do you enjoy talking on the phone?
If it's on a Sunday and I have a "Central Perk"-sized cup of coffee....AND I'm talking to friends either here or especially those from home....then..... a 10!!

Name a charitable organization to which you have donated (or would like to).
I always buy things (at least twice a year) from UNICEF, money from the purchases is part donation.....and....I buy certain products from the good people at Indigo Wild, 25% of Betsy Body sales goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

And....I also donate directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Main Course
What is a food you like so much you could eat it every single day for a month?
Everyday?? hmmmmm.....then quesadillas...'cause I love them and I can have them a variety of ways!

Have you or anyone in your family had the flu this year?

No we haven't. (Knock on wood!!!) But allergies are starting to kick our butts!!


Karen MEG said...

Matt's growing on me too... I don't think I need to be Jimmy Kimmel as Ben Affleck doesn't do a whole heck of a lot for me.

You're too cute, Debbie LOL!

Susan said...

Deb, I tried a new quesadilla this week. It's delish! Start with layering grilled chicken, green onion, black beans, corn, and smother with grated cheese, fold over tortilla and grill. I use my George Foreman. Top with sour cream and salsa. It is yummy! Could be a patio time snack this summer with Margarita's!!!

katydidnot said...

i love sunday morning coffee on the phone with my sister in law. perfection.

Cheri said...

I like Sunday morning coffee any place, any time, with anyone. I'm easy. ;-)

Mrs. G. said...

I know this is weird, but I hate talking on the phone. And as much as I love to talk, I'm not sure why this is. But I do love quesadillas!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I always like to talk to Matt Damon on the phone while eating a quesadilla and writing a check to the American Cancer Society!

Ginaagain said...

oh my.. I heard that song (censored of course) on the way to work the other morning and laughed so hard. Then I got to work and had no one to share it with.

Leeann said...

The whole Matt Damon/Ben Affleck thing has been totally stuck in my head all week. Funny thing is I'll start to sing it and my kids are like "What are you singing?" and I'm "Uuuuuuh, nothing..." which gets them all the more interested.
I heard my nine year old in his room yesterday singing "on the bed on the floor on the towel by the door.."