Saturday, March 22, 2008

The end of a pretty short week....

I really wanted to post something last night, but...when I sat down here at the computer, I was so totally knackered that I just lost myself in YouTube for a couple of hours a little bit and then.....went to bed. See how I am!! Tonight, I was messaging a good friend of mine and she said that I was "walking the sanity line" with my 4 or 5 hours of sleep a which I replied that I might "tiptoe...even prance and sometimes skip...but never do I walk" on that line!!! is what I put up with saw every time I went into the entrance way of our house:

It was like a "litter" of kids sitting on the steps. And...were they talking? Laughing? Telling stupid jokes? NO! Among the 6 kids were 4 Nintendo DSs and 1 GameBoy!!! Not a word was spoken...and all I could hear was the "bleep" and "brrrrnk" and sometimes "brooiiinnng" coming from those damn games!!! I FINALLY said it was time for a "computer kyukei" (break) and made them all go outside. Feeling quite powerful in my Momminess, I watched them all trudge out into the beautiful, yet slightly windy day. Expecting to see them in the park playing, imagine my surprise and wonder when I saw them.....on the steps going up to the park.... playing those games!!!!! AAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!

Sadly...we also said good-bye last night to a very good friend. "Frog" had to be put into the trash as he was leaking sand all over the freaking house!!!

Our good friend Lila, ("Aunt Lila" to many children who love and adore her!!), sent Frog and Lizard one year for Christmas. They were a "paint it yourself" kind of present and Issei loved them both and kept them on his desk. That is, until Koji realized that Frog and Lizard could really, really fly if you threw them hard enough. Ergo...the leaking of sand from too many times being lobbed into the air and then landing not-so-gently in other parts of the house.

We will miss Frog....he was great to have around. But...I must be honest when I say that I really won't miss him too much flying through the air and landing on my head....or hitting me in the back...he was cute and colorful...but, damn, he was hard!!!

An Easter Egg update.

Here are the they were drying. We tried to paint them, but...for some reason the paint was just kind of sliiiiiding off....was thinking it would take too long to dry, so we wiped what we had done off....and got out the magic markers. They worked just great!! So now...we wait...until tomorrow when I can get to the flower shop and pick up a couple of branches of maybe cherry blossoms or some other kind of blossoms to use for our Easter Tree. (Will post pictures hopefully tomorrow of the finished "display"!)

Today is Good Friday....and I'm surprised that my mother hasn't sent me a "Today is really your birthday so have a good one" kind of message...wonder what's up with that?!?!? is not my actual birthday, but 40-*cough*snort*ahem* years ago my birthday and Good Friday just so happened to be the same day....and so, I get to celebrate two birthdays (oh, lucky me!!)!!! Probably my Mom is the only one who remembers, but that's okay...that's a special "thing" that we have every year!!! (Unless she forgot this year, and then, well...gosh...Linda, you have about 15 minutes to send a message and then I'm going to bed!!!)

Have a wonderful Good Friday/Debbie's Other Birthday!!!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

The eggs look great. I would have already been committed if I tried to get by on 4-5 hours sleep for 2 consecutive nights! I think you're a little younger than me though--maybe you just haven't hit "the wall" yet.

Cheri said...

The eggs are awesome and put to shame what we're going to do over here.

"Frog" would have had to slip away in the night in our house. Laura would have flipped out of she'd even seen yours in the trash. She's going to be one of those old-lady hoarders found buried under the 6-foot deep pile of stuff in her house.

Ginaagain said...

Beautiful eggs Debbie! And I like your new site layout too.

Karen MEG said...

Those eggs are really cool! I've never done that with the kids yet...I'm thinking we should. We're doing the Easter cookies and decorating (out of a box, that's how Martha I am) this year again.

Poor Froggie.

And I guess from the looks of it, the electronics are here to stay for my boy too (DS check, gameboy check!)

Casdok said...

So sorry about Frog!
Great eggs!
Happy Easter!

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Happy belated Easter!!