Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Not officially invited, but will jump on the memoir-meme-wagon anyway!

Today, as I was sitting in traffic (which was moving waaaaay to slow for this race driver wannabe!), I started thinking about a particular meme that is floating out in the blogging world and it goes something like this:
You are to, in 6 words only, sum up your life.
Okaaaaayyyy...so....in between taking pictures with my keitai ("cell phone")of
my shoes that I bought last year and that I absolutely loooooove!!
Yes, I know...they are sooo last year and...eh. I don't care.
The weather was beautiful (until about 4:30!) and I didn't have to wear sox, so I felt so "springy" in these shoes.

I also took a picture of my very cool SPQ-esque sunglasses
(which I actually own a pair of, but...a "diamond" came out and, well...that just looks cheap!!):-D
And I also did a little eye-candy dreaming.....

Then....I came up with these....

*One girl, two cultures....margaritas, anyone?

*Blogging friends nourish my questionable sanity.

*From birth on, always going somewhere.

*Can I go to Starbucks now?

*Multi-tasking, working, married, yet single mom.
(Don't ask...just a small vent for the afternoon!!!)

*A Benz is a sweeeeeeeeet ride.

*Computer glitch causes upheaval in life.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Enjoyed insight into your life immensely.

Don Mills Diva said...

I loved your first one - brillant!

Taylor said...

Those were awesome. Oh, and about those shoes- they are cute, and NOT so last year. Pretty much every girl in my school and high school has a pair of those, if that helps at all... (I, myself, have a black pair with a bow on it) I love those types of shoes. =] just thought I'd say that. I'm going to bed now.

Cheri said...


Mary Alice said...

What are you doing posting a picture of MY boyfriend on your blog?

dkuroiwa said...

Back Off Mary Alice!!! He's MINE!!! :-D
(sharing might be a possibility...later...but...not now!!)

Mrs. G. said...

Good ones...I think margaritas sound lovely.

Grandy said...

Great job!! And yes...you can go to Starbucks now.

Karen MEG said...

That was cool, Debbie. All of those were great!
thanks for the eye candy too ;)