Monday, March 10, 2008

The one where Debbie made you an offer you were really tempted with....

....and you decided to help out a friend!!! :-D

(This post would be so much more effective if only Blogger would let me down load some pictures, I have tried 4 times and it has not let me 4 times, with me here...use your imagination when needed...okay?!?! Okay....Thanks! )

Today started out to be such lovely day...getting up at the regular time (not the "butt crack of dawn" as some would say, but still, kind of early!!). I got the coffee maker going and then, opening the door to get the newspapers, I paused a moment and said a quiet "thank you" to the One Above, as the cold and raininess of yesterday had been replaced with sunshine, not a cloud in sight and just a beautiful morning.

I got "son #1" up and off to school.....and then....

You know, sometimes I think that God really does have a sense of humor. Maybe my giddiness of just being alive is too much and there needs to be a test. I hate that. Case in point: "son#2" woke up with a slight fever and a tummy ache. Okaaaayyy.
Tell Dad he's on "duty" for the afternoon classes and daycare...."koji's not coming in....yes...we'll take care...thank you."

On my way to my morning class, as I was lamenting the way the day was going....and the fact that a raging case of PMS is on the horizon (like THAT can be ignored!!)...sitting at a stoplight.....a idea like none other that I have had lately came upon me.....

I know a way to get some Girl Scout Cookies.

I'm going to call this my "desperate times call for desperate measures" or "you send me what I NEED scratch my back, I'll send you what you can't get a Pier One scratch yours" kind of idea.

Here's the plan....and really, it's a win-win kind of, send me a box of Girl Scout Cookies (DoSiDos, Thin Mints, Peanut Butter, or those lemon ones)...and I, upon receipt of that box will send to you a package of a variety of Japanese things (for as close to the same value as the cookies as I can get!!).....that will probably include:

*scraps of kimono material* *Japanese paper* *fun and tasty kind of snacks...that are good and will make you laugh*

*paper dolls* *fun shaped erasers* *origami paper* *special (small) requests (maybe something you've heard about/seen and want*

(Here is where that "imagination" thing comes into play...I had a picture to put here...just imagine all that on the tatami....very nice....cute dolls).

So...if anyone would like to help out a "friend" and get a little "culture in a box"'s your chance. And I'm not looking for a hundred boxes of cookies...just a satisfy this intense craving I have and to share some "American culture" with some of my students!!!

And to make this real official-like.....picture me....bowing verrrrrry deep in your direction.

Now...if you want to do this "exchange" with me, please send me an e-mail at and let me know and I can get my address to you.

If you want to problemos mi's just an George, it just might work!!!

Ya'll have a good day!!! Mine is turning out to be much more promising than it looked like it was going to be!!!



Family Adventure said...

I can't get girl scout cookies for you in Norway :( If I could, I promise I would've. Is there anything you'd like from here??

Hope boy # 2 is on the mend...and as for the PMS, I'm with ya, sister.


dkuroiwa said...

Oh Heidi!!! I love ya for that!! If there were any way at all possible for you to get some of that really good chocolate here, oh i don't know, like AN HOUR from now, that would be perfect!!!
But...that's okay...I have some Belgium a special hiding place that only I know of, and some Australian wine, so we're gonna live!!
Thanks. :-D

Ginaagain said...

ahh... I already have your address. :-) You should have chocolate from Seattle and Portland in just a few days.. cookies will take a bit longer.

Grandy said...

I just sent you an email on where I can send you some. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry Deb,
Not a girlscout in sight here.Would love some of those Thin Mints myself. Hope all is well with Koji. And I know you will be getting goodies from someone.
Luv Shell