Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday....And what a loverly day it was

Before I get going on this, I want to send a quick message to my family in Atlanta and to anyone else who lives in that area....My dad sent a message to say that they were fine and that my sister and her husband were also okay. The worst of the storms did not get to them and only dropped some pretty good sized hail on them, but otherwise, they were unscathed. I hope that, if any of you are in the Atlanta area, that you, too, are okay and safe.
Our thoughts and prayers are with those who suffered damages.
It's late now....the boys have long since gone to bed...well, Issei is in his own bed, but Koji has already camped out for the night in my futon...*sigh*....which makes for an interesting sleep for me. I usually wake up a few times in the night with a foot in my face or his legs smooshed up under my back when he is in our room....amazing how he always manages to stay in just my futon....never rolls over into the K-man's.

Anyway...the weather today was absolutely was about 16 or 17 degrees....that's Celsius, NOT Fahrenheit, so....what...(I'm crap at this and I can't find my conversion chart)...I'm guessing....mid to high 50's (or so!). Got up and around this morning....did some laundry. No...that's not completely right....I did ALL the laundry!!! What a great feeling!! If I ever say that it "looks like a washing machine threw up in our yard".....this is what I mean.....

The picture is a bit blurry, but.....this is what our "laundry area" out in the back of our house looked like for most of the day!!! There was no room to hang anything else!!! The only downside to that was when I had to bring it all in and fold it. That took awhile, but it's done and I'm a happy camper!!! (And I was wondering where that pink shirt was "hiding" at the bottom of the laundry basket!!!!)

Since Easter is coming soon, the boys and I started on our Easter decorations that we do every year. I decided that this year, since I have an aversion to boiled eggs and even the smell makes me want to hurl turn my head away,we would not be boiling eggs, we would be "blowing" them!! So...we had quiche last night and scrambled eggs this morning for breakfast....and colored the shells this afternoon!!!

A couple of years ago, my mom sent an egg dye kit...and every few months or so, I run across the package and think to myself that I should put it with the rest of the Easter stuff. course...could NOT find it, so had to resort to boiled water (which I am okay with!!), vinegar, and food coloring. Here is how we started.....

The boys turning the eggs with chopsticks to keep the colors even....

(Note to self: next time clean clutter off kitchen counter before taking picture for blog!!)

...and here are the (almost) finished products. They are drying tonight and tomorrow we will decorate them and get them ready for hanging on our Easter Tree!!!

After doing the eggs, we went out into the yard and contemplated doing something with the "herb garden"...which consists of rosemary, lemon grass, some oregano, some 'other' stuff....and some tulips that have mysteriously come up.....hmmmm....wonder where those came from!?!?!

And yes, those are flamingos watching over the "foreign" tulips....(Of course, I have flamingos in my yard!! Did you honestly think I woudn't?!?! )

After deciding to just let the herb garden "do its own thing"...Koji climbed a tree....

....then we took a rest on the sidewalk and looked at the sky. Koji thought we needed a picture of the two of us...laying down on the sidewalk!!!
Then it was back into the house to put a pizza together....I had made the crust dough earlier and cut up toppings and the boys put it together..... They worked....and Mom had a beer!
Koji the pizza man.....
The pizza was delicious.....the beer was "just what the doctor ordered"...and it was a great ending to this very loverly day, indeed.


Cheri said...

Pizza, beer, and Easter eggs. Tres American!

What BEAUTIFUL boys. And mom!

Family Adventure said...

LOOOOOVE the eggs. The boys clearly did a good job turning to even out the colour.

And the pizza and beer - what more could a mommy want? :)

Happy Sunday,


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It sounds great! We too are having homemade pizza for Sunday dinner--I cheated and bought the "homemade" dough at Trader Joe's!

Grandy said...

A loverly day indeed. I don't know how to blow the stuff out of eggs. That's a cool thing!

nicrogers said...

Ah, pizza and beer! My kind of lady!

dkuroiwa said...
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dkuroiwa said...

Thanks everyone for the comments!! Seems like beer and pizza is a good combination for everyone!!! Hell...I'd have it twice a week if I could!!! :-D

Tonight we will finish the eggs and hang them a bit behind last night and didn't have time!!! Blowing the eggs took a bit of a "delicate touch", but...since I don't "do" boiled eggs, no eggs were wasted!!! Plus...when the holiday is over, we crunch up the shells and make pictures and stuff with the colored pieces of shell.
Yes...I do have my Martha Stewart moments!!! :-D