Monday, March 10, 2008

Reason #34,907 why I love my Mom.

Not even an hour after I hit "publish post" on my last post, the mailman came and delivered a package from my Mom. Seventeen years ago, this package would have the county newspaper ('cause, you know, I can't miss a week!!), the Sunday funny papers, the crossword puzzle from the Sunday paper, columns from Dave Barry, and Lewis Grizzard (before he passed away), some magazines, and videos...lots and lots of videos!!

Before DVDs and before I could afford cable TV here, there was very little to watch, IN ENGLISH, on television. Mom, bless her heart, faithfully recorded shows like Friends, Allie McMeal, Seinfield, Frazier, ER, Becker, Coupling, Ray Romano, Who's Line is It Anyway, Drew Carey Show....just to name a few. She even, though she really hated it with a passion didn't like it, would record The West Wing....because I wanted it. I was not the only one who would watch these videos.....they would be passed along from gaijin (foreigner) to gaijin....all needing a "little bit of home"!!!

So....back to today's package.....I brought in the package from outside...sat at the table and carefully opened it up....and what to my wondering eyes should appear.....but...Last month's Reader's Digest, November's MORE, last weeks funnies.....and....and......

..... do you see them? the zip-lock bag......12 Mint Chocolate got it.....the Girl Scouts!!!
(12....which means....the K-man, Issei and Koji each get.....2!!!) :-D (No....I shared....equally....we, grudgingly gave three.

(There were delicious, by the way....Issei said, "They make my mouth cold." All agreed that they were "yummy"....Mommy, didn't say much...she was "having a moment". I would say more, but, my mom reads this and well...some things are best left unsaid. Just think of something that, when you eat it, it makes your mouth and taste buds go..."mwaaaahhhaaaahahahahaha". There ya go.) :-D

Now....also in that package....was THIS..... Helllllllllllloooooooo?!?!??!?!


Thinking that my mom was playing a horrible, horrible, joke (not that there's ANYTHING at all wrong with the AARP....I'm just about 20-25 years TOO DAMN YOUNG TO BE INTERESTED IN THAT MAGAZINE!!!)...I was getting a bit hurt/pissed/aaarrrrggggghhhhhh!!!

Then....this note fell out.....

Does she know me or what?!?! :-D

And yes...we do love Jack Nicholson!!!

Thanks Mom!!! I picked up an old obi (kimono belt) the other day and it had "your name" on it!!!

Love you!!


Karen MEG said...

Debbie, what a CUTE post, and I love your Mom's care package too!

You girls are a riot ... with the AARP issue especially. I was shocked when I saw the picture too and I wasn't even there when you opened it LOL!

Family Adventure said...

Your mother is a genius! And a mind reader, too.

And if you run out of that Belgian stuff, the Norwegian chocolate is goooood. Just sayin'

Have a good day,


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That settles it; I'm never moving to a foreign country. I truly don't think I could make it without my daily dose of funnies.

You've got a good mom.

Mary Alice said...

Your Mama is a good Mama indeed!

Nancy said...

Debbie..I did a second take when I saw you mention Lewis Grizzard.We were big fans of his!Having lived in the Atlanta GA are the first 12 years of our marriage we enjoyed his columns in the Atlanta Journal so much.At one time we had quite a few of his books but no longer have them after our moves from various locations.You have a wonderful and it's nice to see how much you appreciate it.My mother passed away 33 years ago at the young age of 52.Hard to believe if she were still living that she'd be 85.Haven't had any of those mint chocolate Girl Scout Cookies yet.Need to hunt down a place where a booth is set up since I don't personally know any girl scouts.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Jack is the coolest cat.

Mrs. G. said...

Funny moms are the best!

Cheri said...

You got your Girl Scout cookies after all! Yay Mom!

Nancy said...

Debbie...What a small world!

You blew me away when you said that you lived in the Snellville area from 1981-1983.So did we!

We lived in the Grayson area right down the road from Snellville from 1978-1985.We had also lived in Snellville for only a year or so.We lived in the Falcon Ridge Subdivision right off of Rt 81 which was right off of 78.

My husband's family moved to Snellville when he was in elementary school.Their house was right on Highway 78.Back then it was a two lane highway.I remember when there was only 1 stoplight in Snellville and that was at the Highway 78 and Scenic Highway intersection.

That area has grown so much.We were back there about 12 years ago and I couldn't believe how much it had grown.Highway 78 is 5 or 6 lanes now.

Yes I remember Snow Jam.Our daughters loved the snow.We now live in an area where snow is a norm in the winter but in the Atlanta area it wasn't.

Our daughters were both born in Atlanta.They attended Britt Elementary in Snellville until we moved in 1985.They were in second and third grade then.

We had the book Kathy Sue Loudermilk I Love you.Might need to find some of his books again and re-read them.

katydidnot said...

only 34,907? + 12 for the cookies?

Minnesota Matron said...

Ha -- Some days I feel like blogging for AARP. Love Jack, myself.

The video on the Minnesota Matron is Matchbox Twenty singing How Far We've Come. I hope you can watch it! It's great. . . . enjoying your blog, too!