Thursday, February 12, 2009's Thursday....might as well be random

My afternoon class was cancelled due to the daughter of my student was home with the flu. I don't know about where you are, but....the flu is some pretty serious business here. Some people have actually prepared for the possible flu pandemic and "2 week-long shut-down" that the media keeps talking about. One student and her family spent over $1000 for a 2-week supply of water, snacks, canned food, noodles, masks (they bought 500!!), goggles, medicine and other things they would need for the 2 weeks that people might possibly be encouraged to stay at home. Can you imagine?
Some of my students and I were discussing:

a) that it all just sounds like a load of crap and my-- how those companies are doing some big business thanks to many people getting panicky and

b) the possibility of those that we know letting us mooch for a few days since we didn't prepare ourselves. (yeah...yeah...we know...ants....grasshoppers...old story.)



A couple of weeks ago, one of my most favorite of students drove to the "big city" north of us. She and her daughter make the trip (about 3 hours, one way) every couple of months and the main reason they to shop at CostCo.

Being the nice, Japanese person she is, she brought me omiyage, or a souvenir, from her shopping trip (This country just cracks me up sometimes!!).

And really....this is a woman who knows me well, my friends.

Please, may I present to you.......

The jar of peanut butter that is as big as your head!!!

Being the concerned mother that I am, I went to the Internet to see what the up-date was about this mana from heaven and was oh so very happy to read that:

The FDA said its warning does not include peanut butter sold in jars, such as Jif or Peter Pan, which the agency said is safe to eat.
The warning includes only products made with peanut butter or peanut paste, including cookies, candy, crackers, ice cream and cereal .

1. I am assuming that Skippy is okay, too.

2. How is all this going to affect my Girls (Scouts, that is!) know how I do love my Do-Si-Dos.

3. I am now totally jonesing for some peanut butter cup ice cream from Ben & Jerry's. (They are good to go, by the way...go here and read their press release.)


Shel Silverstein is alive and well and living in my house.

(Random artwork taken from Koji's daycare drawings.)


Actual conversation in the car on Tuesday:

Issei: Mom. Look at that picture on the bus.

Mom: Okay. Which one? (There were, not buses.)

Issei: The blond professional wrestler. Who does he look like?

Mom: actually looks kind of like Uncle Guy.

Issei: That's exactly what I told Koji.

**Actually....this looks more like him when he was younger,'s still pretty good!! And he needs that fight mark on his forehead, I think, to really make it work!!**

And in the "where did all the good porn 'staches go?" category,

I give you....this.....

.....just because I can!!

And because I know it will make Nancy giggle!!

**Thanks Google Images for the two pictures that I borrowed!


Anonymous said...

Hey Deb, Tell I loved the pics. He shall someday be an artisit I am sure. After all with the art work on your walls at home, the ceiling is next I am sure. Now remind yourselve of the great paintings on cathidial ceilings. Tell all hello.

kim said...

Tell Koji I love his pictures. Maybe you should write a children's book and have him illustrate!

Helena said...

First of all I can't believe they spent all that money on water and stuff just in case they might get the flu. Don't they know that just a packet of Strepsils and some nasal spray will do?

Secondly, that wrestler picture really looks like Uncle Guy!

Lastly, that pic of the guy who seriously needs to reconsider the length of his tasch... made me laugh!

smalltownmom said...

That guy is Joe Namath. Back in the day, he was a big football stud. Hey, it was the 60s/70s.

I love Koji's drawings!

phd in yogurtry said...

where did you go
broadway joe?

The flu is going around here as well, and while there are some days I wish people would wear masks, most days I just wish people would wash their hands more often. Is there a paranoia there about catching the flu? Or is there not much sick leave there? I am trying to understand why the Japanese seem much more concerned about spreading illness. And I wonder if there's a higher incidence of germ-a-phobes there?

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Ack! I never know where to start.

Koji's art: Heh. Big difference between boys and girls, huh?

Peanut butter: Girl Scout cookies have not been affected by the recalls!

Flu: Everywhere 'round these parts too. Tom, Laura, and I have been lucky. So far.

Football pictures: I'd prefer Kurt Warner. Thanks.

Conversations with kids in cars: This is the birthplace of some of my best blogging material. LOL!


Janet said...

Who is the orange man in Koji's drawings?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I buy one of those jars about every 2 weeks.

If the flu is anything like the one my husband had last week I'd hate to see it spread through Japan!

Ginaagain said...

We have just completed week one of our two week flu vacation. Yippee. Now mommy is sick too.

The official word from GS headquarters is that the cookies are clean. Delivery starts Feb 27.