Monday, February 16, 2009

Aah...Valentine's Day....that's it...just "aah"

If you are thinking that I got these flowers on Saturday then...well...nice thoughts, I just really liked this little bouquet of my favorite flowers when I got it....and by "got it", I mean that I bought it myself...a few weeks ago.

No...Valentine's Day went the way I pretty much expected it to. I've learned not to expect anything, that way I won't be disappointed and someday...maybe someday I might be really surprised.

Now...before I continue...let me say a few words in the K-man's behalf.

No...he doesn't do anything for Valentine's Day. That...I have accepted. I don't really like it but...that's the way it goes.

On the other hand.....on March 14, White Day, the day when men repay the women who gave them chocolate on February 14, by giving them something...yes, you guessed it...white....the K-man really does a good White Day.

Yes, I complain....but I really shouldn't because as they say, "When in Rome.....".

On Saturday, between classes, I ventured into the Valentine's Day chocolate area of the department store near where I was teaching. It was packed. Little girls....young girls...young "office lady"-looking types....middle-aged women...quite a few oldER ladies...and me....all pushing around the aisles and boxes to get THE perfect box of chocolate for the men in our lives.

After deciding on what I wanted, I got in line and, even with 6 ladies working the registers, I waited for about 15 minutes. No, I was not the only one who waited until the last minute to buy "sweets for my sweet".

(Two girls behind me were complaining that another, bigger store was already discounting their chocolates 10% and they were really mad because, where we were? No. Not yet. Full price, babies. So they had planned the late shopping for the discount...I bet next year they go to the other end of the town for the bargains!!)

What did I buy? Let's see......I bought the boys some Dragon Quest chocolates and some that looked like a sports drink they like. Do I have pictures of these? NO, I don't. The little monsters got them opened up and eaten before I realized that I hadn't captured the moment. ~~sigh~~

For the K-man.....there were little "bottles" of, grapefruit and my favorite, coffee.

I also got him 6 bars of his favorite candy bar....another liqueur-filled chocolate, but one that has been around for a very long time. Funny.....those disappeared very quickly. I'm thinking that he might had hid them. Can you imagine hiding chocolate from the other members of this family? I'm appalled!! I can't believe he would do such a thing. The very idea that he would......okay, okay, okay....I admit...I do have my own "emergency kit". my has stuff that canNOT be bought here and.....if no one knows that I even have it, is anyone hurt by NOT knowing about its presence?

Moving right along...please.....

In case you are wondering...yes, I did buy myself my own box of chocolates. Knowing the boys the way I do, no...they weren't going to share. I'm also not a big fan of liqueur-filled chocolates (though I did "sample" a few from the K-man's box~~yummy!!). I would have really hated to be sitting there....all alone...awash in chocolate I got a box of some girly chocolates. show you that my plan to "change the way Japanese people look at Valentine's Day" is slowly working......I got this from a couple of my students. The chocolates were good and the best part is the metal bucket.....I have plans for that bucket!!!

A final word about sweet stuff......

When I was buying chocolates for my boys, I also picked up some bonbon-type cookie sweets for my afternoon class. I had never had them before and Lordy, Lordy, Lordy....I'm in trouble!!

These little cookies are not something that I could eat everyday...oh, no no...tempting it might be, but, they are just too rich. They would be wonderful as a special treat...something to have when my "emergency kit" runs empty.

Are you familiar with these little nuggets of total yumminess?

They are a bite of something most incredible.

If you like coconut....and rich flavors all running around in your mouth...then you will like these. If you haven't tried them, to the store and see if you can find them. Believe me, you won't be disappointed...unless, you are on a diet and then, well....damn me for telling you about them!!


And just because this is something I couldn't resist adding.....

When I Googled the Raffaello of the cookie and some other arty-farty stuff came up....and then....there on the third row of pictures....was this....
(Actually....only one picture was on the third row..the others I got from the link!!)

Seriously....did you honestly think I'd let this chance for some "eye candy" slip by??

Silly you.

I hope you had a great weekend and a wonderful Valentine's Day.

**Thank you Google Images for 2 of THE most delicious looking pictures!!


just jamie said...

You're making me awfully hungry...for chocolate...and that hot dude.

smalltownmom said...

Thanks for that eye candy! No calories!

We pretty much ignored Valentine's day, which was nice.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Mmmm. On everything.

3rdEyeMuse said...

I'd want the girly chocolate you got for yourself. :)

can't wait to see what K-man does for 3/14 ... exciting.

Helena said...

I bought chocolate for myself too. Tastes just as good!

Raffaello.... mmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!

Nancy said...

I'd much rather have the eye candy than the chocolate!

Good choice btw =)

Ginaagain said...

Oh I know Raffaello well and his darker hazelnut brother Ferrero Rocher. Yumm! I actually did get treats yesterday.. a cute sparkly bracelet and few spoons dipped in chocolate and cinnamon red hots from Zane's girlfriend and a handmade card from Zane. Such nice teenagers!

stephanie (bad mom) said...

First of all, I love BOTH Raffaellos; thank you for that.

Secondly - might I recommend splitting the romantic occasions with your man? Stu & I have agreed he will plan our anniversary celebration & I plan Valentine's Day; helps divide the work and we both get something good.

And finally. If you want to be scandalized, check out what March 14 is on Consider yourself warned! You will never think of it the same way.

Happy days! :D

Janet said...

eye candy is so much tastier and more low fat than regular candy, eh?

Mrs. G. said...

Those girly chocolates are beautiful!

Trish said...

I had all my orphan friends over for dinner who either don't have boyfriends or have spouses that were working or traveling. It was great fun. Lots of wine and we all gave each other back rubs. That probably sounds weird but it was actually nice.

I also wanted to tell you that one of my best friends on LA has had a boyfriend (they live together) for 18 years and he has never done anything for her on valentines day. She gave up hoping. Sudden;y this year he came home with a new iPod Touch for her. She nearly fainted and so did I. I think maybe you still can hang on to some hope...?

I am going to hang on to that hot picture.

Paida said...

Ahhh cross cultural relationships....I would like to eat my Raffelo with {on?} your Raffelo.

In our house E. and I went out w/ out the kids, got in a fight when we got home and had no interaction after that. {some things never change... ; }

Cant believe that baby your brought home so recently is about to be 11! Crazy. Give all 3 of your boys a kiss from me!

The Girl Next Door said...

yummmmmmm I'll take that last bit of eye candy pleeeeeeeez