Friday, February 20, 2009 you hear? the fat lady. she's about to start singing.

On a good day, Friday will kick my butt. took me down to the mat and rubbed a dirty sock in my face.
But...I survived and was fun.

Every Friday, I have three classes in three different parts of the city. The morning class is, though not the lowest level I have, it's running a tight race with another for that spot. The afternoon class is my highest class~~the class that keeps me on my toes~~the class where I have to be really careful because they get the jokes...they get the sarcasm....and they are pretty damn funny and sarcastic themselves!!! I love them. After that, I have two little girls (almost exactly the same ages as Issei and Koji!) that were in Canada for a couple of years and just returned last August. They are such "girly girls".....quite a change from the rough and tumbleness of the boys!!

Today...thrown in the middle of all that was a quick shopping excursion for some last-minute stuff for Issei. After the girls' class, I rushed to pick up Koji....safely sped home...picked up the K-man and The Birthday Boy...did a drive-by to Grandma's and loaded her up and.....

off we went for sushi at a kaiten zushi place. This is where you sit at a counter that encircles the sushi chefs who are making sushi quickly and putting it on a conveyor belt just above the see what you like, you grab it. The place we went to tonight was really, really cheap....each plate from the conveyor belt was 110 yen (about a dollar)....special orders were 158 yen and 210 yen.

Koji and Grandma....and some really grumpy-looking people by the window waiting for a table. We got there right before the rush.
(The waitress doesn't look too terribly happy either, does she?)
This was the sushi chef that was stationed right in front of us.

He was really nice, but...the K-man and I agreed that every time we looked at him, we saw...

I got tickled one time and really had a hard time even looking at the K-man because he was laughing, too!! Every time the sushi chef shouted out an order I kept expecting him to get his sword out and do some damage!!
(And just for the record....the K-man used to watch the music spots from Saturday Night Live. One of the cable music programs did a 10-part series highlighting all the musicians that appeared on SNL. He really had no idea as to the comedy side of the was up to me to enlighten him on the joys of Land Shark, the All Male Nurse Band, The Bees, the "CheeseburgerCheeseburger" cafe and of course John Belushi and his Samurai...just to name a few!!)

The real damage....
110 yen plates......30
158 yen plates....6
210 yen plates.....2
Incredible full and happy people....5
Total for the evening....about $45.
Not bad....not bad at all!!

We then went to our favorite cake shop and bought chocolate cake for the Birthday Boy.
It was yummy!!
On Sunday, I will make a cake for Issei and his friends. He has until tomorrow morning to hand over his request for what he wants. I saw some of the things he was sketching out and ~~sigh~~ it's going to be another 'cake challenge', I do believe. I'll let you know on Sunday night how it turned out!!!

Issei...a fun little man in his own right...through the years!

And with that, my loves, the fat lady is warming up the pipes and about to start.
(I think it's something from Evita.)
Have a great Friday.
Eat some'll make you feel really good!!


3rdEyeMuse said...

He DOES look like John Belushi! yep, I would have been giggling, too ... that totally looks like my kind of sushi place. thanks. now you've got me craving some sushi ... and I'm not eating rice for a month ... ARG!

Another happy, happy birthday wish to Issei!!

phd in yogurtry said...

You don't have to tell me twice to eat anything chocolate! And yes, that most certainly does look like Belushi! Wonder if he knows about the Samurai Warrior? I wonder if he would grab his real sword if you told him about it?

A big, smiley, happy birthday to Issei!!

smalltownmom said...

Those little plates here would be between $5-10 each!

Fun birthday, yummy cake. I can't wait to see the official cake.

Peggy Sez.. said...

Happy Birthday Issei!

Another yes here for the John Belushi look-a-like.I loved him.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Wow--that much sushi would easily set you back a couple of hundred dollars here.

Happy Birthday to both of you!

Karen MEG said...

Happy birthday to your cutie pie Issei!!!

Wow, $45 is a deal for all that food!

You had me cracking up with that pix of John Belushi...and hamburger, hamburger...

kim said...

I knew where you were going with the sushi chef before you got there - perfect! We eat at a kaiten sushi place down the street just about every week - &1.50 for most plates!

Happy Birthday, Issei!!!

Ms. Lea 李女士 said...

What an Awesome Mom you are!

Happy Birthday Issei, it looks like you had the Greatest Birthday!!!

Paida said...

Happy Birthday ISSEI!!!!!

OMG that sushi chef is a dead ringer for Belushi.

I know I am mixing my skits, but you really have to teach that guy how to say: cheeseburger, cheeseburger, pepsi....

Janet said...

Happy belated birthday to Issei!!!