Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sunday, ... a cheer (of sorts), some fruit, and a warm fuzzy!

Before I get to the main point of this post this evening...and yes, there is a point here, ~~work with me people~~....I just wanted to give those bloggers that I read faithfully everyday, that have joined the November NaBloPoMo adventure this year a quick message....I have chosen to not even try to do that. (I put too much pressure on myself when I do things like that...would hate to have the extra pressure of 9,746 other might be too much!!)
BUT.....I am here to tell those bloggy buddies that I will be here to offer whatever you need to help you through this. You need encouragement? You got it. I used to be a cheerleader so I can be called upon in times of need to help life your spirits and help you get back on track. Whatever you need....I'll be your "go to gal"!! Need a reminder? I can do that, too. Now....finish reading this post and, if you haven't posted for today....what are you waiting for? Daylight's burning!! That post isn't going to write itself!!

Whew! that out of the way.'s mikan season here in Nagasaki. Are you familiar with this word? Hmmm...maybe you've heard this word...maybe not.

How about you have a can of these in your pantry?

If you said, "Why, yes, Debbie, I do.", have mikans in your house! Except, while you probably, more than likely, have them in a can.....I get them fresh.

Nagasaki is actually one of two places in the whole country that are known especially for their mikans. Mikans are grown all over the country, but, the ones here, just north of the city...are absolutely heaven!!!

Today, we were driving on a small highway that was surrounded by mikan groves. What's is amazing here is that you will always be able to find a small stand on the side of the road, with bags of mikans (or whatever other fruit or veggie is in season!) for sale. There will be sign telling you how much a bag is and a locked box for you to put your money. There. is. no. person. there.

Yes, that's is the "honor system" at its most basic. You want mikans? Here they are, but don't forget to put a 100 yen coin into the box. And we thank you very much.

I got this picture from Google Images because today, when we stopped to get a back, I was a bit excited at the prospect of these lovely little beauties and forgot to take a picture!! The stand in the picture is actually much nicer than the one we bought from...but you can get the idea!!!

So....for 100 yen (about 95 cents!) we got a bag of 22 small, but incredibly sweet mikans....and had an absolutely delicious snack in the car as we were driving!!! YumYumYummers!!!

About 17 years ago, my dad and his wife came to Japan for Christmas. They were the kind of tourists that I wish everyone could have come and visit. They wanted to see and do and eat and experience as much as they could. Daddy LOVED the mikans and every time he saw one of those stands, we had to stop. After about the sixth or seventh day, he was complaining that the inside of his mouth was hurting him. We took him to the doctor and after asking many questions the Dr. told the K-man, "Tell him to not eat so many mikans....a few are good, too many is maybe not so good." Before they left, we did find some canned mikan juice that is produced here, so he could take some back to Texas to enjoy!!!

Something else about the mikan....if I see a foreigner buying mikans in the grocery store, that is a good sign that person does NOT have many Japanese friends. Why do I think this? Japanese people are always giving away stuff that they have received from various people....If you have a Japanese friend, you have mikans on your table from about the end of October to....whenever the season is over...maybe February (don't quote me on that!). Except the times when we have bought them at a stand while on a drive, like today, I don't think I have actually ever bought a bag of mikans. Here in our neighborhood, we are surrounded by retired people with farming/garden plots and a couple of them have some mikan trees. It's great!!! (And yes, I usually repay the give of mikans with cookies or banana bread!!)

For me....the "coming out" of those mikan stands, are a true sign that winter is soon to be here. The air has turned positively crisp at times.....I still have my flip-flops in the entrance know...just in case!!!

Speaking of shoes....I bought a new pair of slippers today. They are soft and fluffy and in my favorite color and "I love them....I'm never taking them off." (Can you name which movie that line came from?? hmmm?)

I wish you a warm, fuzzy slipper kind of day!!!


Mrs. G. said...

Mandarin oranges and slippers. Two of my favorite things.

Ms. Lea 李女士 said...

My son would love it there. Mandarin Oranges are his favorite!!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Mandarin Oranges are a favorite around here.

I love a new pair of fuzzy slippers too!

phd in yogurtry said...

Never made the connection between "mandarin" and asian. Ah.So.

Helena said...

I love mandarin oranges. The smell when you peel them reminds me of Christmas. And those slippers look so comfy. What a lovely Sunday!

i am very mary said...

I bought a pair of fuzzy brown slippers. Then I promptly fuzzied my way off the top step, slid down 11 steps, and bruised everything from my arse to my toes. Perhaps I should have purchased pink. Sigh.

Janet said...

There's a guy who sells honey in the town where I like to take the dogs to walk in the woods...and he sets his honey out for sale by the side of the road, along with an old cigar box for the money. i love that!

mommy2twinkies-Deb said...

Oh! You brought back such memories! I loved the mikans when I was there. They are just not as good here. Actually reading your blog has made me reminisce about Japan so much, that I just brought out the old photo albums! I'm going to post an old photo soon! Happy Mikan season!

hulagirlatheart said...

I LOVE mandarin oranges. The thought of eating them fresh off the tree is mouthwatering.

mommy2twinkies-Deb said...

PS-Just tagged you for a bloggy award.

Ciara said...

hey there
Love the fuzzy slippers. Wasn't that line from "The Big Chill", love that movie.


3rdEyeMuse said...

I have a serious case of mikan envy & absolutely love the true honor system happening there. :)