Friday, November 14, 2008

Yes, IS a Flamingo Friday!!

In the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" category...I now offer you this....
....and I am thinking that I definitely need to find some pink flamingos....I need to add some extra fun in our Christmas decorations in the yard, don't you think so?!?!

Today was a very hectic day....hectic in a good way (if that's possible)....I had 3 classes today--the morning class is a pretty low level class, but we have too much fun...and then in the afternoon, I had my highest level class...they are also incredibly fun but also good for me as they keep me on my toes in my own English ability (stay here for any length of time and you might find your level of "speakability" diminishing!! Seriously!!). They are mainly a discussion group and we read newspaper articles every week and all of our discussions have been great!!

After that class, I got into my car again and drove to yet another place....this time it was a coffee shop where I met 3 ladies that are all retired Junior High English teachers. We have been meeting for about 15 years now!!! Amazing how the time flies!!
In the beginning, we had a class every week...but over the years, they have become busy and now we only meet twice a month.

The hour and a half in the coffee shop passed much too quickly and then I was off to pick up Koji....then drive to pick up Issei...then we all went to the supermarket to try and find something...anything...easy to cook for dinner!!! As it was almost 6:30, the easier the better!!
(I bought two pizzas and then added my own stuff to make them's amazing what some sauteed mushrooms and garlic plus extra cheese can do to a plain almost frozen pizza!!)

By the time dinner was finished and the dishes were done, I was about to drop, so I collapsed on the sofa for a bit to try and gather up the energy to go and take a bath. As I was surfing the channels, I came to FOX and **YEAH** it was Boston Legal!! I hadn't seen it for a long time and boy, was I ever glad to catch it tonight. They are running the 2nd season and it was the episode from Halloween...which featured these.....
My energy came back in full force when I realized that this was the episode with the flamingo costumes!! When I first posted this picture (a few weeks ago), I had no clue which season, let alone which episode! And, yeah....this made me laugh out loud!
Best line of the episode: " look pretty in pink."

What is it about James Spader? His character Alan Shore is, as it says on their website, an "ethically-challenged attorney"....and yet, many times what he does and says, makes perfect sense (should I be worried about myself? :-D).
James was born in 1960 and his age is showing...not quite like some other people that have been posted about and I would love to put those pictures here, but it was really painful to see the first time on that eyes haven't really recovered yet!!
Anyway...yes, he is getting that thickness that some men tend to get...and bit of a paunch, you might say....and he has started wearing glasses and many times when he is photographed, he has that "eh, who cares?" kind of look about him.
But I still love him!!!
I have seen most of the movies he has been in, but is so vividly branded in my brain, sometimes it's almost overpowering. know which one....I'm talking about this one....
Go ahead, take a few minutes and juuuuussst remember........

Oh, in many movies he played a really good 'bad guy'....and he looked very fine in a tux....
...and he had that hair....that steely stare...that unbuttoned shirt!!!
...he even looked good in a purple jacket...which was obviously THE color to wear as he wasn't the only one!!!

But still....I keep coming back to this.......

I think I'm going to check at the DVD shop tomorrow to see if they have it. I may or may not be posting tomorrow night...we'll just have to wait and see!!

Have a great Friday night everyone...and I wish
you a Serendipity kind of day!!


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Yay! Flamingos in Santa hats!

James Spader. Hmmmm.

But Johnny Depp rules.

Have a great weekend Debbie!

Karen MEG said...

I've always thought James Spader was an excellent actor, especially in White Palace. He really rocked the bad rich boy role in the 80s too.

But sadly, he is rather paunchy these days, not looking a heck of a lot better than Shatner ...

Did you ever see him in Bad Influence? He was AWESOME (Rob Lowe wasn't bad either...)

Janet said...

I wish I had a nickel for every time I read that your life was hectic, cause, man, I'd be a VERY rich woman :-)

What, no squid or corn on your pizza? How very un-Japanese!

I've never seen that movie :-)

Nancy said...

Mhm, Denny or Alan ... I think they are both such cool characters!

James Spader still rocks his look quite well =)

Mary Alice said...

I love Boston Legal...the banter, the naughtiness. Just plain fun.

Susan said...

I have seen most of those James Spader movies, but not White Palace, it looks interesting. Might have to rent that one! I am going to miss Boston Legal. This last week, when Jerry threw the muffin at the guy, and then punched him out, was really funny. I like his character, with Terret (sp) Syndrome, but how he can act normal when he has a cigarette in his mouth.

smalltownmom said...

White Palace, how did I miss that one? Netflixed!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I guess I'll have to add that movie to my "watch-when-I-have-a-spare-moment" list!

phd in yogurtry said...

Thanks for the heads up on White Palace. I don't think I've seen that. I need something steamy in my life this weekend. This might do the trick.

I have long been panting for James Spader. A little extra poundage around the gut? No prob. You no look at mine, I no look at yours.

Laura/CenterDownHome said...

James Spader -- I think of that Family Tree TV show with Helen Hunt and Anne Archer.

The photos don't bother me. I think being comfortable with aging and how you look is way sexier than pathetically hanging onto youth through botox and living at the gym.

This is what forty/fifty year-old men look like. Good for them.

But have you seen Laura's 50yo husband?

Yeah, he and I don't see eye-to-eye on this aging thing.

i am very mary said...

I kind of have a soft spot for, well, soft spots. I like boy bellies in a cute, vulnerable sort of way. I am realizing just now that I may have issues.