Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yup...stick a fork in me, I'm done

...and yet...I feel that I can't crawl my tired butt into the futon without posting something....anything.

What's up with that craziness, huh?

I'm thinking that all my NaPlaBoMaNaMaNa-ing friends (lurve ya!!) and their "I gotta/wanna blog everyday this month" is starting to become contagious?! I think it's great that so many people have become such dedicated posters...but, really...it's making my life very difficult.

Where I used to have about 120 or so posts sitting quietly in my Google Reader...just waiting for me to get to them....I now have 247 posts screaming at me and threatening to multiply faster than bunny rabbits in spring!!!!

If I don't comment on the blogs I usually do, I sincerely apologize...I'm hoping it will get better in December when all the madness is over!!! :-D


Most days, this is me....

I am a superpower....I have the energy of 10 teenagers. But today....this is more like it....

.....and my brain is so like this.....

Along with my usual running around, teaching 100 classes in 156 different places, **slight exaggeration on my part, I'm just trying to make a point.. really...that would almost be impossible!!**I have been working on something else that has taken what creative energy I usually have left over, tossed it over my shoulder and said, "Nah. Let's see how she does now!!"

I am having a party.
It's possibly going to be a very. big. party.
I'm must be crazy to thinking I can pull this off.

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

December in Japan is the season for, not only, Christmas and all its trappings, but it is also the season for bonenkais, or "end of the year parties". For the last few years, all my classes have planned these wonderful parties where there was great food, more alcohol than one should be allowed to drink, more often karaoke was on the agenda, more food....and then we go to another party...yes, same group, just a different venue.

Once or twice a week is not bad...but....last year, I had three in one week and four in another. If I were like my students, where most of them have very little or nothing to do the next day but recuperate from the night before, not a problem, but....not so for me, my friends.

Oh, no....I was crawling my butt out of the futon, and it was 'business as usual'. By the time we actually got to the holiday, I seriously thought I was going to collapse from exhaustion or alcohol consumption.

So...this year...this being my 5th year of doing this whole teaching thing on my own, I have decided to have a party.....ONE PARTY...with all my students.
I'm sure that not all of them will come...but....from what everyone is telling me, most of them will be there....there is a possibility of anywhere from 50......to 130 people coming.
And this is where those around me start to doubt my sanity. I know I'm already doing that!

I have enlisted the help of four students, just to make sure that I don't forget anything....but, my free time is consumed with questions like:

What game shall we play?

Is Bingo good enough?
What about prizes?
Do I have time to make candles for all the tables that they can "Paper, Rock, Scissors" for at the end of the evening?
What kind of fun stuff shall I order from Oriental Trading Company?
Do we need entertainment?
How much do I set the limit for on the 'present exchange' gift?
How many shuttle buses shall I ask the hotel to provide for us?
and most importantly.....

What shall we name the party? The hotel says that we need a name to put on the signboard!!

I'm looking for something snappy...something that says "Hey! A foreigner is hosting this party and it's going to be fun!!!"
"Debbie's Holiday Party"........**snore**zzzzzzzzz

Will work on that...but if you have any suggestions....you know...to help out a friend who is about to go freakin' nuts, your thoughts would be appreciated.

And before I go crawling to the futon for a few hours of sleep....here's a quick random thought....

I totally love the idea of Russell Brand playing Jack Sparrow's brother in the new Pirates of the Carribean
movie...(who knew he had one, huh?!?)
I can see it....can't you??
Any thoughts on this????

**If there are any grammar or spelling or whatever errors in this post...let's write it off as me being too much in a hurry to shut this sucker down and get to sleep! Good night!! Have a wonderful Wednesday...or Tuesday, depending on where you are in this big ole' world!!!


Mrs. G. said...

Break your reading up into sections: these blogs on Mondays, these on Tuesdays...you aren't obligated to read everyone's blog EVERY day.

Love that last picture of course.

smalltownmom said...

Good luck with your party planning! Will there be flamingos?

Janet said...

Who knew that there could be a crazier looking pirate than Captain Jack!!!

Ginaagain said...

Don't worry about reading everyone's blogs.. I think we all know it's impossible to keep up during November.

I want to come to your party! I really, really do!

The Girl Next Door said...

Your party will ROCK just like you.
And I tried Google reader once but forgot how it works so somewhere there are thousands of unread things calling my name. Sigh.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I know about the reading. Frick. I'm having enough trouble posting, much less keeping up with the reading. Oy.

I LURVE that Russell Brand. LURVE him. But in a very different way than Johnny. One makes me laugh. The other makes me lust. Both in the same movie? Could only be awesome.

Helena said...

I'd love to go to your party! Someone mentioned flamingos... that would be so YOU.

Yes, the resemblance between Russel Brand and the pirate is definitely there. I've always looked at Russel as a scarecrow myself.

Lori said...

Oh, what a fun party! I would come! I think you should teach them Bunco, instead of Bingo! I'll come back to you with some name ideas (after I actually think of some name ideas)!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'm totally feeling you on the full Reader--and it's the end of the semester so I shouldn't be reading ANY blogs!

Parties can be so stressful--I'll mull over party name ideas. I'm sure it will be a blast.

Laura/CenterDownHome said...

Jack's brother shouldn't out-Jack Jack. He should be the clean, starched, button-down brother. You know?

Hmm. A theme party, maybe? I like the flamingo idea. Unless you find out that they are somehow highly offensive in Japanese culture or something, which sounds like a sitcom, Debbie. Then, the party is a Fail, but you have a pilot!