Wednesday, November 26, 2008

And then the Little Drummer Boy made me cry....but some bloggy love made me feel better...and...OH! my ass's going to be a loooooong time to Christmas, if this keeps up!!!
*sniff sniff*
Today, on our way to daycare, Koji and I were listening to a radio station that sometimes plays English music (when the planets are aligned and the moons are where they are supposed to be and I am wearing my lucky underwear!). Today, all must have been right with the world because lo and behold, it was music we could understand!! Someone must have gotten a hold of one of the copies of one of those A Very Special Christmas CDs because we heard Bruce Springsteen, Cindy Lauper and then.....Michael Jackson's version of The Little Drummer Boy.
First of all, Koji commented that the "little girl singing had a cute voice"...which totally cracked me up!!! Then, after I told him that this was one of my favorite songs and I began to explain the whole story...well...dammit...I got a little choked up. Come on!! It's a great story....he had nothing to give the Baby Jesus so he played his song for him ("parumpumpum") which Koji replied "kawaii so, ne." ("Oh, what a pity.")

Then I went on to try to explain about how sometimes when we do something from the heart, with all our heart, THAT is something great to give another person. I'm thinking that this is a great lesson....not to get all caught up in the whole 'present giving with ribbons and bows' that sometimes, sometimes it's just doing something nice that is present enough!!!

It was very quiet in the back seat for the rest of the way to the in the front thinking that I had done my Mommy Best today and I felt really good.

We get into the daycare and the first thing Koji does is go up to his teacher and basically tell her that we need a Little Drummer Boy for the Christmas Pageant.

Great....on one nice is that, huh? And....
He does listen to me when I talk!!! {{smile}}
On the other I have to explain the whole story to them and then explain to Koji that, even though it's a great story, they probably won't put a drummer in the pageant this year....but would be cool....

A few weeks ago, a relatively new friend...I'll call her "Another Deb" over here at this site...was oh so nice and gave me some lovely bloggy love. Isn't it pretty?!?! Thanks so much, that was such a nice thing to do.
Along with posting this award, I am supposed to post 6 things that make me happy and then pass on the award to 6 other people. 6 things that make me happy, huh?
What to write? What to write?
Oh, sure, I could say something like a cold beer on a hot day or a frozen Snicker bar late at night when everyone else is sleeping (Oh come one! Surely I'm not the only one who thought of that?!?!).
Instead of bombarding you with 6 things all at once, I'm going to do one Happy Thing a day.....yeah...I can be lazy like that's all just a part of my charm!!!

What Makes Debbie Happy....1 of 6

I hear the sound of Issei and Koji laughing. No...not their goofy, playing around giggles, those are great, too, but what I'm talking about is the laughter that comes from their bellies...the kind that makes Issei not able to catch his breath and Koji roll up into a ball on the floor!
My boys have such a love/hate relationship with each other...they play hard together but they also fight and get on each other's most brothers hearing the laughter is such a good sign!!
Lately, they have been watching some DVDs that are seriously funny (IMHO!!)...yes, a bit on the stupid, "oh my God, did he just do/say that??" kind of funny...but...the laughter that comes from my two little men when they are watching this....

...or this.... enough to make me smile and laugh myself and it puts me in a better mood that might possibly last the whole night...which is always a good thing!!!
Belly laughs are the best!!!

It's Wednesday...and you know what that means, don't you? You should...even though this hasn't been done for awhile (Sorry, Mrs. G!), I've still been working very hard on making me better.
August 7, '08
Jee-miny Christmas!! My butt wouldn't even fit in the whole picture!!! thinks it was looking pretty sad.
September 9, 09
Looking a little better...not so droopy...but, yes, some of my readers and I agreed that Debbie needed some better fitting jeans!!!

November 19, '09
After a loss of 10 kilos (about 22 pounds!!), I can finally fit into the clothes that I have kept in a box, secretly marked "Clothes I may never wear again but will take with me wherever I go until I die because you just. never. know. I might possibly wear them again".
I am now wearing a size 14 in pants...without feeling like I'm going to pass out because I can't breathe! I am able to bend over AND sit down without making noises like someone is choking me! This, my friends, is a great feeling.I may need to dress that up and take it out somewhere!

I wish you all a day with a belly laugh or three in it!! tomorrow is "just another day" over here...please eat some extra turkey, dressing (the sticky, not the dry kind, please), mashed taters and gravy...anything you want...for me!
And if you really wanted to get a little crazy.....put some black olives on your fingertips, wiggle them around a bit (singing a little song is good, too) and think of me, okay? Okay!


Tootsie Farklepants said...

Congrats on the bling and the smaller you!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mary Alice said...

I'll wiggle the black olives for you...I'll probably also gain everything you lost! Looking good - Debbie's butt!

just jamie said...

I got a little sidetracked over at that "other Deb's." Cute stuff.

Yay for your ass! Looking good. (I said that, didn't I?) Yay for Christmas music, laughing boys, and funny animation.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours. We are traveling to Mom and Dad's this year. No kids here this year, try to celebrate my birthday (turkey day this year)without feeling sad because I have none of the kids here. So kinda feel like you ...just anothr day, with turkey on the menu. Have a good day. Shellie

Helena said...

You deserve a new pair of jeans. Well done on your weight loss!!!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Your ass is so baaaaaaaad its good!

You go girl.

I got choked up reading about you telling Koji the drummer boy story. Gah!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Of course we'll do the olives on the finger thing--it wouldn't be Thanksgiving otherwise!

I'm going to have to wait until the holidays are over to work on getting my butt as small as yours.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

I get weepy during Little Drummer Boy, too (I have the Whitney Houston version).

Nice ass, if you don't mind my saying...

Janet said...

Oh, Deb, that's awesome about the 14!!! I'm finally into a 16 and closing in on 14 myself :-)