Thursday, November 27, 2008

Yeah...couldn't really pass this one up...even if it isn't Friday, yet!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my you someone I've actually met and had drinks with and have shared intimate details of life as we know it or someone who I know most things about but have never actually met face to face or even someone who I am related to....the message is the same--chock full of love and thankfulness to a group of people who keep me grounded (some less than others, but I love ya just the same!!)

As I am about to turn off the computer and close the book on yet another day here...another regular day...I am there with you~~
~~putting olives on my fingers and singing some silly little song (for some reason the Brady Bunch song just came to mind!)
~~"helping" you cut the turkey and making sure the slices are displayed just right and getting those really tacky ones out of the way (God forbid should the plate look messy!! Oh look, there's another one...yummmm!!)
~~sitting on the floor with you as you watch the football game and possibly even getting up and getting you a drink so you won't miss anything
~~running interference between you and whoever is starting to get on your nerves
~~letting you eat my helping of sweet potatoes with marshmallows because really, that dish is just too sweet for me, but I will take your cauliflower with cheese sauce or some of that salad
~~Indian Leg Wrestling someone for the last piece of pumpkin pie
~~ helping you do the dishes and then sitting at the table and talking until it's time to either re-warm the food for another round or go to bed

yeah....I'm there with you.

Happy Happy Thanksgiving everyone. May you be surrounded by the ones you love and may you have enough alcohol in the house, just in case that "love" gets to be a bit. too. much.
Oh...and a big domo arigato to PeggySez for helping me get a copy of that flamingo picture that I could save and post!! {{hugs}} to you, my friend!!


Peggy Sez.. said...

Pumpkin Pie...Check
Flamingos...Che..Hey!Wait A Minute! Thats Not Me.
Whole Lotta Alcohol...Double Check.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Guys!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Sending you some virtual pumpkin pie--I made 2 some no one would have to wrestle. Who am I kidding? Of course there will be wrestling!

Nancy said...

Described the day to a T !

Happiness always ... and lol @the Turkamingo!

smalltownmom said...

I'm going to do the olive thing, just for you!

Ms. Lea 李女士 said...

I Love the turkey aka flamingo! He is Hilarious!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

ladycheetah said...

Indian leg wrestling??? I thought that was something my sister made up!! How cool! Hope you had a little of Thanksgiving there in Nagasaki. If not turkey at least a drink or two!