Monday, November 19, 2007

What we have is a failure to face a few realities...

1. I'm not a size 12...haven't been since I WAS 12 probably.

2. I'm not getting any younger and telling people that I'm 37 might not actually work anymore.

3. Though I function fairly well on a daily basis, I need more than 5 hours of sleep a night. (Any suggestions for sleeplessness will be happily accepted.)

And though there are many more of these "realities", the biggest one right now is.......THE HOLIDAY SEASON IS SOON UPON US!!!

*sigh* My last blog was on Halloween and most every night I sit here at my computer surfing a bit, reading e-mails, Yahoo-messaging friends (some of whom I haven't seen for many moons!!)and reading my usual list of blogs.....and yet...I have had a hard time getting the energy to get past the Halloween post. Ah..denial...what a great state to be in!!!

So....I'm working on getting over this...I try not to scowl at the pink and blue Christmas trees that are around town...and I have dusted off my ability to totally ignore really loud Christmas music being sung by rap "musicians" (and I use that term very lightly!). Even though I actually forgot that Thanksgiving was this week....hey! give me a's a regular day here but this year Friday is a National Holiday in Japan....don't have a turkey, but will find a chicken and improvise!!!

I told Issei that we would get out the Christmas decorations in a week or so...we have to start soon, though, on convincing the K-man that we NEED to put up the lights outside!! Last year, he "did it for Lila"....hmmmm......what will I use this year?!?!

The weather has gotten cooler....the hot carpets and katatsus are out and up ("hot carpet"..exactly what the name electric carpet...and a "kotatsu" is a small coffee-table-like table with a heating unit underneath...we put a futon/comforter over the top...kind of like when we were kids and made forts...then put a tabletop over that....absolutely toasty to sit under!!) and the kerosene heaters are filled and ready to go!! Though it is pretty chilly in the mornings, the afternoons are still warm....just waiting for that wonderful cold to hit. Maybe then it will feel more "holiday" like!!

I hope you all are having a good week. If you are driving anywhere to be with family or friends during the Thanksgiving holiday, please drive careful.

"Talk" to you soon and Much much love to you all!!!


Anonymous said...

Deb, just remember you and the guys are in our thoughts and prayers as we celebrate Thanksgiving here in Colorado.
Luv Ya All, Shellie