Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

So...even though we only decorate here in the Kuroiwa House for Halloween, it doesn't mean we don't enjoy it!! Here are a couple of pictures we took last night....Issei's wearing a hat that one of my students (Thanks Misako!!) gave the, it had candy in it, so we were all very happy!!! **Issei saw this picture and said "Koji looks like ET when the little sister put him in the closet."---------Maybe...sorta...kinda....
And this is just a picture that the boys and I REALLY love!!! After we carved our pumpkins last week, Issei was all like, "Oh man....we should have made one like the picture!!!"
Maybe next year.....if we remember.....

I hope that you all have a great Halloween....get lots of candy and have tons of fun......Have a Booooooo-tiful day!!!

**Oh....and Happy Birthday, to my brother, Doug!! A few years ago, I wrote a poem in his honor...can't find the original but here's the gist of what I wrote:

Ode to my brother. by Debbie
Of all the memories that I have
Here's the one I remember most
When coming back from Trick or Treating
and Grandpa said, "We got ourselves a little ghost".
**Actually, this was pretty much how it happened!! I just remember being so incredibly happy that he was finally here. A little sister would have been great, but Doug
turned out to be pretty good!!!
I'm glad that we kept him!!!
You all have a great day......


Paida said...

Cute boys!

Love the hair. I can totally see the ET thing.


Mericia & Mala said...

You do more for Halloween just in your household than most countries! hehehe...glad to see you haven't changed and keep up with stuff that I expect you to do.
The boys are getting big now too...

Paida said...

New Year's Cards too! AHHHHH

Hey your profile doesn't link to your blog - then people can link back to you blog from comments.

Wine is a great idea!

jan in nagasaki said...


hello!!! hello!!!

happy thanksgiving! have your ordered your turkey yet???

does my name link to my blog???