Thursday, October 25, 2007

Getting ready for Halloween....sort of...

So...thanks to my friend Nancy and her husband who have base privileges over in Sasebo....we have REAL pumpkins this year. And by REAL, I mean, one that has to be held with both hands!!! Almost didn't know what to do with ones this size....the boys were really excited!!!
The first pumpkin was "Mommy's"....I went for more of a 'traditional' look, while Issei....

I gave him a piece of paper and told him draw the design he wanted for his pumpkin.
He sat right down and in about 10 minutes handed me the final product. He poked out the pattern with a thumbtack and then connected the dots with a pen so I could follow the lines correctly.
This is the finished product!! He is a fan of DragonBallZ and supposedly, this is one of the characters....I say "supposedly" because I really have no clue....but the kids in the neighborhood knew immediately what it was so a) Issei does know his "manga" (cartoons), b) he's a pretty good artist and c) not bad cutting job either, Mom!!!
We have hung up the Halloween windsox in the trees outside and displayed the other various items we have collected over the years!! We don't really do more than that...Issei does remember going "trick or treating" one year with our friend Jan and her kids...he thinks that was really fun...may have to work on doing something next year.....maybe!!!