Wednesday, November 21, 2007

So really...little boys and long sox...what's the story??

This is a picture that I took yesterday of Koji before we left for the daycare. I figure that if he was really cold, he would have just put on long really likes those sox!
Now....I have a vivid memory of my brothers doing this with white tube sox when they were little...with very little leg actually showing because they had pulled the sox up so high!! Then, various high school basketball players (in the mid-late '70's) were wearing ones that came right to the knees (I can remember even then, thinking that just looked goofy!!) Fast-forward about 25 years and my two nephews, when they were maybe 4 and 3 years old....I have a picture of them jumping on the bed, in their underwear with T-towel capes and yes, reeeaaaalllly high tube sox on!

Anyone care to offer an explanation for this strange phenomenon that strikes many little boys....and sometimes, not-so-little-boys?!?!


Susan C. said...

I have a picture of Bill in the early 80's with short(tight) shorts and tube socks pulled up to his knees. Gross! but it's really funny.

jan in nagasaki said...

what would dr. freud have to say???

but, a comment on the change in times... I caught a bit of basketball on t.v.... short shorts and long socks.(And no tatoos)..... from the 80's. Now it's gone long shorts and short socks. What could be next!!!!!!!!!

dkuroiwa said...

Oh my Gawd Susan!! I think I have seen that picture OR it's just a really vivid memory! Bill was(and still is!) so cute!!

Yeah...dr. freud...good thing the man is gone or he'd be dead from the stress of all what's going on!!! some basketball players seem to have a contest as to "who can get the most tatoos"!! fashion statements?!?!

Paida said...

I was just telling Rachel how surprised I am that my boy is MUCH more particular about what he wears to school than my girl is. I love boys in Hawaiian or other button down shirts - no way will he wear them anymore - way not cool. His goal is to look like a "sports guy" which includes a skate boarder or surfer.

We miss you too! I loved our Thanksgivings {and Christmases} together. Big big big holiday hug!

Shellie said...

I have to laugh...Greg still wears the tight shorts and knee high tube sox...but throws in the velcro sandels as well.....hehe