Saturday, November 24, 2007

One of the many things I'm thankful for...

Hi again...did you enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday? I hope you in the Kuroiwa House, we had roasted chicken, herbed veggies, cranberry sauce (one lone can was "hiding"in the back of my cabinet!!), salad, and chocolate cake (of course, homemade...left over from a cake I made for a friend's birthday!!). The dinner was nice...not quite turkey and stuffing, but we will get that at Christmas!!!

So....a conversation I had with a friend has prompted this particular post. She is a member of a dance group that I joined about 3 1/2 years ago....and she asked me what my family thought about my dancing. ..........................Well......hmmmm....let's mom sister-in-law sisters know...and a few friends (very close friends!!) have been told. "Why" my friend asked, "haven't you told anyone?" Again.....hmmmmmmmm.....really don't have an answer for that.
Three and a half years ago, in the course of my job situation changing....I needed something to keep me from going crazy. By chance, this particular dance group was brought to my attention and I thought "what the hell?" and gave it a shot. For a while, I told very few here. This was something that was "mine"....something that I needed. I have two very dear friends here who have been supportive....and didn't think I was nuts by doing this. ...and if they do, they don't share with me!! :-D
It's a big case of "Don't laugh AT me, laugh WITH me."
So what is it that I do?

I am a member of the Kyushu Hula Association. Two or three times a month, our group Chitose Hula, meets and we have class.
Hula has become one of THE most popular classes at the community centers here in Japan.
Yes....I am the youngest in our group and one of the youngest here in Nagasaki.
Yes....I am the only foreigner (at least in Nagasaki, possibly in Kyushu!) doing this!
Yes....I am loving it...and getting better all the time!!!
For 2 hours each time, we put on our pau skirts, leis and flowers and we are transported to another place....for just a bit.

This is part of our group. We are getting ready for a performance at the community center's culture festival next week and not everyone chose to participate.
This group of women have become so very important to me. Even though I understand only about 50% (on a good day) of what is going on around me, they welcomed me from the first day. We have such a wonderful time.
Last year, at the BIG Hula Festival held every year here in the city (106 groups!!!Holy Moly!!), some of us were in the elevator when some ladies from another group got in with us. One of them said to a member of my group, "You are from Chitose Hula, aren't you?" "Yes, we are. How did you know?" And the lady, pointing in my direction said, "You have the foreigner." And with that, my good friend turned to me, whapped me on the arm and said, "You're a foreigner?!?!?!" We all got a really good laugh out of that.

But later...when I got to thinking about it...what a nice thing for her to say. For us foreigners, we will never be totally accepted into this matter how hard we won't happen. But, now I know that there is at least one group here, that accepts me...for me.
And I am oh so very thankful for that.

To my friends in my hula group.....Mahalo....arrigato...gracias...thank you.
*and even if they were to read this, I seriously doubt they would understand, but...they know how I feel.


Shell said...

What an inspiration....dancin. You actually do this in front of people and have no alcohol in your system? Actually dave has taught me so much when it come to the "Cowboy dancing". All I have to say is "You Go Girl!!!"

dkuroiwa said...

Thanks Shellie!! :-D enough, no alcohol. I've learned that I really mess up when I combine the two!! Maybe next summer we should plan a, me--hula, my mom has a few things she could show us....THEN we'll drink!!! Sounds like a plan for the patio!!! :-D

Paida said...

You have been tagged! Check out this link.....

love this post - made me homesick for Japan!