Friday, November 30, 2007

Nature? Nurture? or a twisted combination of both!?!?!

Case #1:
(conversation overheard from the boys' room)
Issei: Let's listen to this CD.
(Sounds of a CD being put into the player and then....the unmistakable sounds of "Smoke on the Water" coming LOUDLY from the speakers!!)
I peaked into the room and the "air guitar" action going on was totally 'stage-worthy'!! Koji noticed me in the door....and says...
"We REALLY like this song!! Look......I'm Daddy!!!"
and proceeds to not only "play" the guitar, but to also dance!!!
(I just quietly went back into the kitchen, laughing as I went, and finished cooking dinner!!)

Case #2:
(In the car with Koji going to the daycare. I had just put in a Dolly Parton tape...and the first song that came on was a pretty peppy song!!)
Koji: Yee-haw!!!
Me:.....................(and looking in the mirror back at him...)
Koji: (Using a "Du-uh" kind of tone) It's a cowboy song!!!

Case #3:
Issei has been practicing for the annual all-city 4th Grade Music Festival that was held this week. His class is singing a couple songs and playing the drums, recorders, xylophones, and pianacas (harmonica + piano!!). Issei's group is playing the recorder. The other night he said, "Listen to this, Mom!" and proceeded to play, perfectly, the music from"The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly". I asked him if he had the music for that to learn from and he answered, "No...I've just really been working on that!!!"
I wish I had had a camera to capture the smile on his face when he said that....priceless!!!

I think I am just going to sit back....and enjoy the ride!!! :-D


Anna said...

I love my nephews!

dkuroiwa said...

Thanks AP!! Will pass on the love to them!!!
Hey...tell joe to send me a link to his blog....please!!
love you too!

Shellie said...

Hi Deb...I had a visual when I read the part about the "Air Guitar" and being like Daddy....Does he play "Air Guitar" too? I seen him up on stage and perfroming like no other....hehe. Hope all is well.
Luv Shellie