Sunday, February 04, 2007

Some memories of Dad....

I was going through some of my older picture CDs and found the pictures of when Dad and his wife, Carlene came to Japan....must have been 10 years ago. Kiyoshi and I were laughing, remembering how Daddy would wear his cowbow hat, boots...the whole "I'm from Texas" kind of many people would stop us and ask to take a picture. I jokingly said to one man that it would cost him.....he was actually thinking I was serious!! I'm thinking that we missed out on a great money-making scheme!!!

The picture above was taken at a little yakitori shop...."yakitori" meaning chicken, meat, veggies and whatnot on a stick and then grilled over an open flame!! The guys in the shop got such a kick out of Dad....and vice versa!!

The next picture is Dad and my cousin Vic....this was taken at a Hutches Family Reunion some years ago....I'm thinking they were coming in from visiting the "beer pick-up"!!!
For those of you who knew my dad, I think that you'll agree....this is a "classic" Charles hat, big smile, incredibly starched wranglers, a toothpick in his mouth and his arm on somebody!! (of course, since it was Vic, I would have preferred a headlock...but...!!) *smile*

January marked the first anniversay of Daddy still seems so strange that he's not here anymore....but...I can guarantee that Heaven and all who are there are smiling a bit more and laughing louder since he got there.


Paida said...

I never met your dad, but after the Christmas and Tequila stories I heard I felt like I knew him!

Anonymous said... great. I shared many with you.

dkuroiwa said...

Reading those comments from both of you, I am smiling!! Thanks Shellie! And Lauren...most of that whole Tequila Christmas, we are totally blaming on your husband...never, never, NEVER ask Charlse..."So Charley, ju drink Tequila?" big mistake...big, big mistake!! But fun!!! :-D