Sunday, February 04, 2007

I'm baaaaaccckkkkk.........!!!

.....yes....I am still here....No, I am not sick....Just busy!!! I seriously hadn't realized how much time had passed since I last posted until I got a message from someone saying that though she loved the "apron picture", it was time for something new!!!
Sorry for the delay!!! Did you miss me?!?!?!

Hard to believe that February is already here. I'm sorry...where did January go?!?!
I have picked up a couple new, a family of four kids ages 6-11....they just came back from living in the States for 8 months. Their dad is a Dr. and he was doing some work and study there. It has been so long since I taught anyone under that age of 30....I am realizing that with the "right kids", it really isn't too painful!!! *smile*

I hope that all is going swimmingly with all of you.
Have a great week!!!


Paida said...

That is so funny as I was clickin onto your blog I was planning what I was going to write if that apron photo was still up...

"Hello Anyone Home?" was what I decided on.