Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mr. Issei's 7-5-3 Pictures...

Okay....so in a post a few down (just in case you are coming back from a long absence) there are pictures of Koji we had taken at a photography studio. Someone mentioned that they wanted to see Issei's (thanks Lauren!) so.....here they are!!
One of our friends said that Issei looked like a "company president"!!!
These were taken in November, 2002...he was "almost 5" and Koji was about 6 months old!!

I had to sound like a cliche, but man, has time flown by, or what?!?! Issei is "almost 9" and Koji is 4 and 1/2.....doesn't seem possible!!!

How is it that they are getting older, and yet....I am staying so young?!?!? hahahahahaha.....sniff sniff!!

Oh..by the way...FYI...if at anytime you want to see the pictures bigger, just click on the particular and it should come up in its own screen, a bit bigger!!!


Paida said...

Your kids are pretty damn cute. Issei totally looks like a CEO!

Remember when Issei was screaming his head off for 3 months and people would tell you that it will go fast?- we were like- "yeah right!"

Sure enough they were right....

Shellie said...

Hey Deb,
Looking back at Koji's pic...I can just see the wheels are turning, mischief I am sure. And Issei, much more businees. He looks like his Daddy and Koji like you, so we both know what he might be up to in the future...hahaha.

g'pa ron said...

Handsome lads!!!!