Sunday, February 25, 2007 obviously, I need to get a life...or something...but...

...Seriously...don't these two look an awful lot alike?!?!?!

I have become a huge fan of Grey's Anatomy...and have found "McSteamy" quite, shall we say...yummy. (He's the one on the right, by the way...)

Anyway...everytime I see a picture of Leonardo from his new movie (which I didn't see, but my friend "the movie queen, Hiroko" said was actually, really good!), I keep thinking that I am seeing Eric Dane ("McSteamy").

I'm not a big fan of Leo's, but....he is looking better and better with age...maybe I will check out that new movie and see if I like him yet as an actor.

Gosh...what ramblings on a Sunday night, huh? Really should get some stuff ready for classes tomorrow...truly hate being unprepared.

Hope you all had a good weekend and that you wake up tomorrow morning (Monday!) ready to "Carpe Diem".

**by the day a few months ago as Issei was leaving for school, I said "Carpe diem, Issei, carpe diem!!" (being the supportive and energetic mother, that I am!!) The look on his face was priceless....trying to figure out what the hell I saying about fish!!! Of course, that look ranks up there with the one I got when I told him one day to "Hold your horses!" "But, Mom...I have no horses!"

I must remember that there are some things we say in English that really are quite funny, if you think about it!!


Paida said...

Grey's Anatomy is the ultimate relaxing TV experience. Right up there with Melrose Place and 90210.

dkuroiwa said...

Saturday night at midnight...don't EVEN try to get me to do anything other than park my butt in front of the tv and watch....reminds me of the OLD shows we used to watch...HillStreet Blues and St. Elsewhere to add a few!!

Paida said...

I thought you were totally crazy w/ that guy from G.A. looking like Leo, but while we were watching the Oscars Aida said, "Hey that is that guy from the hospital show you like!" while looking at DeCaprio- you have something there after all!