Monday, February 12, 2007

How would YOU describe a pop tart?!?!

My friend, Kaoru, sent me a "please help me" kind of message the other day....she teaches English in elementary schools and one of the teachers she works with asked her to tell the 6th graders a bit about what life is like for American school kids. Now, Kaoru was in American studying English for awhile, but her experiences at a university would NOT be what the teacher was wanting.....ergo the message to me.

I immediately called my mom.....gave her a list of questions for her to "interview" the most in-the-know kids that I know of----my nephews Bo, Todd and Rafe. I also cut out of the newspaper the lunch and breakfast menus for a couple of schools just to show her what they had to offer.
One morning, PopTarts were on the menu. Kaoru called to ask about that item...."What is a PopTart??"'s not really a flat, hard pastry you put in the has fruit and sometimes frosting.....MAN! I hate questions like this!!!

So, being the 'well-informed' individual that I am, I went to my trusty computer and logged on to there....was more information than I ever thought I needed to know about PopTarts!!! (I had forgotten they can produce some major flames if left in the toaster too long!!! Cool!!)
So.....go to and type in PopTarts....and the next time someone asks you "What is a poptart?", you will be able to answer!!!

(Now, I have this strange craving for a plain, no frosting, strawberry poptart!!!) *smile*


Paida said...

What is the point of a pop-tart if there is no frosting?

dkuroiwa said...

Butter, baby...lots of butter!!