Friday, July 23, 2010

no title.....'cause really? it's late...and Castle is on....

The other day, the boys and I were driving down the road, when we saw one of these...

Both boys commented about it being "Mama's dream car" and then Koji thought that it would be really nice  if it were painted this color...

Then Issei mentioned that we would need to add some "extras" to make it perfect...

It was at this point that I realized....Oh Good Lord...MY dream car is
the same as Barbie's.
I think I have to might go to that really big toy store that rhymes with boys are plus
and see if this particular car comes in big-girl sizes, because really?
I like it....and I'd look really cute driving it,too
I couldn't get many groceries in there, but, I wouldn't care...
I think Ken might have a van...or something!!!
**thanks Google Images for the VW pictures!!


Have a great Friday everyone...and weekend, too as I may not see you again for awhile.
Tomorrow is going to be the day that I sort through stuff for a flea market on Sunday.
(Except, it's called a garage sale here....a HUGE garage sale with about 60 other people.)
I'm hoping that I sell most of it and don't have to cart home everything
I have boxed up will box up tomorrow.

The summer has officially started least it has with the boys.  Tuesday was closing ceremony for both boys'schools and they are out until the first of September.  Both have a ton of homework (Issei more than Koji) but we are trying to find ways to still have fun
This weekend in Nagasaki is the Tall Ship festival down at the pier.  I'm not sure how many ships have arrived  but, it always draws an incredibly large crowd.  We are not ones for a crowd, but...we might venture somewhere on Sunday to find the perfect place to watch the fireworks.
Summer in Japan means fireworks....and the show this weekend promises 5,000 of them!!!  Personally, I can't wait...I do so love a good fireworks display!!!

We went to the beach on WAS 'day of the sea', remember?!
Except...when we got to the beach, the lady at the parking area told us that, as long as we stayed in the roped off areas we'd be safe.  SAFE?? huh???
It seems that over the weekend, the fishermen in that area, netted about 10 hammerhead sharks very close to the beach.  Did that stop us from swimming? Did it stop the 100-or so people who were already there?
No. It did not.
If anything, it just added to the fun.
And yes, the theme song of the day was the music to JAWS.
We were safe....not venturing too terribly far from the shore and other than getting a little bit more than sunburned, we were okay and had a great time!!!

In front of the sign, warning people about the sharks...
Issei...looking slightly worried,
Koji...thinking he already was getting a tan (and
wearing his goggles over his mouth...he didn't want to lose them on the walk from
the car to the beach, I guess),
and Debbie?
Yes, Debbie was having a Jimmy Buffett Moment.

The boys....and how they spent a good part of the day.
(which would totally explain the sunburned shoulders...and yes, of course, we put on was just a really super-hot sun!!)


Jason, as himself said...

Love the car! So perfect for you.

What are the beaches like in Japan? Beautiful, warm? Dirty, cold? How about the water?

smalltownmom said...

Yes, that car is YOU!!!

dkuroiwa said...

sorry about the photobucket message...not sure why it's there...hmmmm.....just a part of my charm, i guess!!!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That is sum-sum-summertime right there!

cissy la la said...

Hey Barbie has good taste! Ken, dream cars, dream houses. Do you think she has a dream board?

The Girl Next Door said...

I always wanted a buggy - now my daughter wants one! And that does look like perfect summer day!

Mrs. G. said...

You would look so cute tooling around in that car.

Yarni Gras! said...

I about fell over when you showed your 'dream car' alongside the Barbi car.......what a hoot!