Friday, July 09, 2010

a special flamingo (or two) for a very special girl....

A long time ago, when Debbie was still quite young, a very dear friend of hers had a little girl.  This little girl was beautiful and most precious to Debbie. 
 Debbie has always had a very special place in her heart for little girls.  It started when she was in high school, with her own little sisters, who were the first of the beautiful and most precious to her.

When this particular one was born, Debbie knew immediately that she was yet another little angel that was here for her to love and spoil. Wheezer (not her real name, mind you, but one that only Aunt Debbie was allowed to use) became the recipient of many special presents and hugs and smooches and was Debbie's favorite little person to take a walk with...when she was able to actually walk, that is. 
(One of Debbie's most favorite of memories is walking down Main Street with Wheezer when she was about 3...and Wheezer was wearing a little serape she had brought back for her from Mexico over her big, blue winter coat.  She looked absolutely adorable.)

The years went by, as they tend to do...Wheezer was joined by another sweet little girl...her little sister,
Roo Bear was born and Debbie had two little girls to love and spoil when she was home for a visit.

This is a picture of Wheezer and Roo Bear taken 14 years ago at Debbie and the K-Man's wedding.
Tonight, in Debbie's hometown, Wheezer will be getting married to a very wonderful young man.  Roo Bear will standing up with Wheezer.  Their mom, still a very dear friend and her husband (a goofball in his own right, yet, he too is a dear friend) along with other family members, Debbie's own mom and many, many friends will be there to witness this beautiful moment.
Debbie has tears in her eyes as she types this because she wishes that she could also be there. 
But, as in her little sisters' weddings, some things are just not that easy to do. honor of Wheezer and her groom, Debbie dedicates this week's Flamingo Friday to them.

This is the perfect wedding cake topper, in her opinion, but.. since she knows that there will be no traditional wedding cake at this wedding , instead, there will be
460 (or so) wedding cupcakes....

  I love you, Wheezer.
{{hugs}} and love to you as you start a new and wonderful chapter in the book that is your life.


ms-teacher said...

Congratulations to Wheezer and her groom! (I wish you could be there.)

Shellie said...

What a very nice tribute to a great our house she was a BEST BUD and her best bud will be there tonight along with our family watching this amazing girl take the Leap of Love. Lance you are one special guy to have her to share the rest of your life with. Hugs to you Debbie, we all know you will be a spirit watching over this union.

Janet said...

Awww, Debbie, you'll be there in thought, that's for sure! Congrats to Wheezer and her man :-)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, I wish YOU could be there too. That makes me sad as well...weddings are so special.
I wish them the very best in life and many many flamingos to come!!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You did memorialize a whole lot of Wheezer love on your blog and that is something wonderful!

shrink on the couch said...

Sorry you can't be there, Debbie. I know how it is, being far away from loved ones, wanting to be there for special events but being unable to get there. Hugs to you. And Congrats to Wheezer and her beau.

January Asia said...

(Belated) congratulations to Wheezer and her man and their families. You were at their wedding, Debbie. In your mind.

The flamingo wedding cupcakes look adorably yummy.

In my latest post, I wrote about you and your blog. See for yourself:

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Now THAT'S a cupcake I could sink my teeth into. Oh, whe am I kidding? I'll eat any cupcake. But I like those a lot.

jlo said...

Awww, you are there in spirit!!