Thursday, July 15, 2010

an umbrella that might possibly be worth investing in

This is my 19th year in Japan.  If I were to put a ballpark figure to the 'how much have you spent on umbrellas in the last 19 years?" question, I'd have to do some figuring.  Let's see.....
19 years X about 2-3 umbrellas a year purchased @ 1,000 yen ($10....average) per umbrella =
a number I don't really want to even think about.

Holy Moly, Batman.  That's a lot of cash spent on items that were either forgotten in bars
 (or stores or schools or buses) 
stolen from bars
 (or stores or schools...) or
(and this is my favorite)
got fwapped inside-out by a gust of wind, rendering the umbrella totally useless.
*again, with the Google Images...gracias!
So, the other day, when the K-Man was explaining to me about this new-fangled umbrella he saw on TV that was....totally, incredibly awesome, I have to admit, I was intrigued.
I watched the video.
Then, I watched another video.
And then, I was totally convinced---I want...nay, NEED... one of these umbrellas.
After today's torrential downpour (that, swear to God, lasted forever!) accompanied with typhoon-like winds---
I really neeeeeeeed one of these umbrellas.

*thanks Google, for the picture* looks a little silly, but, watch this video.
If you happen to live in an area where it rains and blows and you spend a lot of time outside, you might
want one, too.

If you want more information, go check out the people at Senz and see what they have.
We have looked at a couple of places here in Nagasaki City and have not found anyone who is selling them.  The K-Man thought that the art museum (of all places!!) might have them for sale...if I have time on Friday, I might run by and see.  I did check over at the Japanese website of
 "that place that sells books that is named after a huge river"
and they had some that were anywhere from 5,000 yen ($50) to 9,500 yen ($95).

After a day like we had today, I'm thinking that buying this umbrella would be money well spent.
And....if I'm forking out more than what I usually do, I might be a bit more careful about leaving it places.....

Have any of you seen this umbrella? or better yet...have any of you bought it?
I'd be very interested in reading hearing what anyone has to type say about it.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I am thinking this will make a great gift for my daughter--who is going to school in Chicago, "The Windy City."

Janet said...

sounds like a good idea...I just bought an umbrella for $48 and all it had was pickshures of ducklings on it

Life with Kaishon said...

Wow. That umbrella sounds VERY impressive!

yogurt said...

Never thought I'd think an umbrella was awesome but this is the awesomeness of umbrellas. Never saw anything like that before. We don't get much of the windy rains here ... even during hurricane season .. but I do have my share of wind-torn umbrellas.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Haven't heard of it, but it looks very cool. Why is it art museums always have the best umbrellas?

jlo said...

It sounds like you need that umbrella! We rarely get rain...usually in February and March. Any Wal Mart cheapy will do for that! ;)
P.S. Thanks for stopping by!