Friday, May 08, 2009

Something flamingo-ish and then....something else, not flamingo-ish

Well, honeys....

I found something new to put on my "wish list":

How lucky I feel to have so many things just screamin' my name!!

Concerning last week's Happy Lei Day post....

it seems I've been lei'd before!!

I found this picture in one of my extremely short-lived/almost non-existent de-cluttering moments in time. When I first saw it, I sat here and just laughed. This was taken back at the end of the school year in 1991. Every year, the teachers at our school had a "Thank God We Survived Another Year And No One Died" party and that year's theme was Hawaiian. Actually, my good friend, Lisse, didn't work at my school, but....since I didn't have a date for the event and there was an extra chair at our table, I asked her and since she was always one for good, free food and beer, she agreed to go with me (but she swore it wasn't a "pity date"!). I think we made a very cute couple!

Do you like our leis? We entered the "homemade lei" contest. We got the idea to make a "beer lei" (I'm assuming while drinking beer already!) and proceeded to drink many more cans of beer (hey! sometimes you have to take one for the team!!) so we could make our creations!! We didn't win....or at least, I don't think we won....but we had a great time!!

Upon looking at this picture, I realized a few things:

*Wow! But I looked young back then. Of course, I was young, but still......

*My face was really round!

*That perm looked pretty good...I've been thinking about maybe getting one. That color was nice, too. My natural blond hair has decided to turn dark...or (dirty)"dishwater blond", as my grandfather used to call it. Yuck. Time for a change!

*Good Lord!! I still have that shirt!!


Thursday and today were hard days getting up for the boys...they were pretty worn out from all the "adventuring" we did. I do so love that kind of tired on my's so much better than the Nintendo-tired or the "I've been sitting on my butt doing nothin' but complaining"-kind of tired.

Me? Oh...pfffft. My energy runs pretty high on most days so it was no problem getting up and going and ready to "seize the damn day"!! (Coffee does help a little!!)

And...well....since I have your attention...I just thought I'd let you know that...........and Queens are notorious for bouncing back, being strong, encouraging others around her to do the same and standing on the edge of cliffs while their husbands take photographs!!


Janet said...

I love the Queen shot :-)

smalltownmom said...

Your majesty!

Nancy said...

That pic from '91 ... ADORABLE!!!!!

Happy Mother's Day Deb =)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You were so cute. I admire people who can stand on the edge. I require a safety rail and several feet.

Jason, as himself said...

It must be a great thing to be the queen of the world! I'm sure that's with coffee's help, too.

3rdEyeMuse said...

three cheers to the Queen!

& Happy Mom's Day!!

just jamie said...

Hail to the Queen.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...


This decluttering shit has got to come to an end. Except that I'm glad you found the photo because hottie.

You're da bomb queen of the world.

Happy Mother's Day!

Sojourner said...

You and your friend Lissei do make a cute couple and yeah- you are darned adorable there and now.

Hail to the queen! Belated happy Mother's Day.