Friday, January 16, 2009

T*G*I*F.....really...I mean it

Hero Worship

"We're not worthy!! We're not worthy!!"


Despite the fact that it has been an interesting week, what with all those pen light creations and many, many more in the works....I'm going to jump on the "my kids are making me nuts" bandwagon that seems to be making the rounds to many of the blogs I read.

On Sunday and Monday, Issei worked his little butt off to finish his winter homework that he stuffed behind his desk and then told me he didn't have he conveniently forgot to tell me about....and then we did a little math tonight to help him figure out exactly when his DS is going to come out of exile. House rules are that he only gets to play his DS on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during school...and I told him that since he played for 14 days (pretty much every day) during the winter holiday and didn't do his homework, then, for the next 14 days, he would not get his DS. Thinking that he had finished one week, he was feeling pretty good thinking that he only had one more week to go.'s look at this again....not next week....try sometime in February, my little friend. Try in about 4 more weeks, my love!!! (I didn't count the days he doesn't get the DS....that would be silly and nice of me and since he blatantly lied to me about that beforementioned homework....nope....not going to play it that way. New rules, baby!!)

Seriously...after all this finally sank would have thought I had told him that he would never get it back!!! " HAVE to give it back to me. I won't make it that long. I have to plaaaaaaaaay."

Ooh...and something I learned tonight....when a 10-year-old boy is really mad and ranting like nobody's business....don't ever smile. That makes them really mad. "This is NOT a joke!!"

And then there was this morning........

Here in Japan, the majority of the houses are heated by kerosene heaters. These are not the heaters that your Grandpa used to have out in the garage because your Grandma was afraid the damn thing was going to blow them all to smithereens. While some people still actually use that kind of stove, (those actually are the hottest...or that's what my MIL said and you can cook soups and stews on the top!!), there are many brands and models to choose from, depending on the size of the rooms you want to heat and how much you want to spend.

At our house, we have a newer version of the kerosene is called an "electric fan heater". It still uses kerosene, burns much cleaner. And's incredibly toasty. We have three in our in the kitchen/living room, the K-man has one in his room and I have one back here. And yes, that means that if you are in a room without a fan heater in our house, you are cold...really, really cold! (BUT....even though the toilet is also like a refrigerator, we have heated toilet seats that are, well....just heaven on a cold winter morning!!!)

That was the conversation I had with Koji this morning:

Koji: Mom!! Can I turn the heater down?

Me: (in the kitchen, with a scarf around my neck because I was just an ice cube!!!) What??? Why would you want to do that???????

Koji: Because I'm hot!!

Me: ............................................(Looking at him from the kitchen.........)

Me: Then....move your little bottom away from the heater!! Any closer and you will be IN the heater!!!

Koji: This is such a pain. Just push the button and turn it down!!


**This was him actually after he had already moved back a little. Another rule of the house....If you are on the little blue rug, you are too close! Move back!! **

It's Friday. The end of the week. The start of the weekend.

I hope you have a wonderful....relatively stressfree weekend!!!

And cake.

I wish you cake.

Strawberry cake would be great, don't you think?!?!


smalltownmom said...

I can't believe Issei hid the homework! Stick to your guns about the DS!

Nancy said...

Heated toilet seats! Wow ... How?

I love the hero worship pic, lol

Enjoy your weekend =)

Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

Oh, Debbie. I can completely relate. On a more "toddler level" but yes, still craziness around here. Thanks for your wishes. You are right you do have enough character, and so do I! I need some good news!!! Enough already!

Geri said...

When my son was little he hid his homework too! Boys can be sneaky, but they're so darn cute.

Mike Golch said...

I have some "goodies"on my site for you.

Ginaagain said...

Aren't ten year olds fun? Delaney still thinks she can talk her way out of any punishment.. and she probably could if I didn't have twenty years of experience to keep me strong.

I was going to ask you about your heating situation.. all of your freezing morning facebook updates made me wonder.. heated toilet seats would be pretty decadent if you had forced air heat but it sounds like you've earned them.

3rdEyeMuse said...

yes, strawberry cake sounds about perfect right now ... I wish the same back at you!

love the bowing flamingo's (almost as much as the tale-of-the-boys).

happy day. :) ~M~

hulagirlatheart said...

Don't tell my husband about the heated toilet seats or else he'll be having you ship some over. That would be like the Cadillac of potties for him. Can you have potty envy?

Have a good weekend!!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I have heard about the Japanese and their wonderful toilets.

I guess Issei is going to learn his lesson the hard way in 2009.

phd in yogurtry said...

Space heaters and heated toilet seats? I could get used to both.

Ms. Lea 李女士 said...

Hang in there with the homework! My oldest was the same, and I handled it the same as you! It's like you're taking away their lifeline! My oldest survived by the way and now he is in college!! Love the Flamingo's that's hilarious, you are so Funny!! Have a Great Weekend!!