Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fun with Pen Lights


How we entertain ourselves after dinner here at Kamp Kuroiwa

Here is the after-dinner conversation that started it all:
d: "How was your meeting today?"
k: blah blah blah blah...something about taxes and more write-offs.
d: "What do you mean I can have more write-offs?"
k: "Parking receipts, shopping receipts...."
d: "Shopping receipts??"
k: "Like at the stationary story for paper and pens."


k: "That pikapika site was really good, wasn't it?"
d: "yeah...I watched so many of them and posted about them that night."
k: "We could do that."
d: "Eh?"
k: "I have a pen light."
d: "Really? We can do that?'
k: "Of course."
d: "Cool. Let's do it."
k: "I'll just go get my pen."

And then....the fun began!!!

It took us a little bit to get the hang of how to do it and how to time it just right, but...after two sessions of playing with the lights~~one before dishes, the other after~~I think we have the makings for many, many more projects!!! The boys even got into it!! And for those who actually know the K-man...really...this doesn't surprise you, does it? :-D
For something in the future....I see pictures set to music...with more colors of pen lights!! Thank goodness I'll be able to write them off as "Teaching Supplies"!!!

By the way....on the last line...after the two 'happy faces'..."dad", "mom" and "kids"....kind of hard to read...sorry!! Also that one next to the last....the K-man's attempt at lips!!!

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smalltownmom said...

That is so cool!

Ginaagain said...

Oh my gosh you guys are awesome! Your kids are going to grow up and tell their kids stories about how much fun they had.

3rdEyeMuse said...

oh yea, y'all ROCK!!

Paida said...

That is one talented family you have!

I am very impressed.

Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

Too funny! I love the kind of fun you have!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Exactly how did you do this?!

Ciara said...

How cool! I so have to try that :o)

Grandy said...

HA!! That's cool! At least we didn't have to see K-Man's attempt at drawing boobies. :)

i am very mary said...

Wow, all we did last night was watch Biggest Loser. No pen lights involved.

g said...

Very cool! I love the pikapika video!

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog about my noodles! It's so great to discover your blog about living in Japan - I will visit often.

truebitch said...

Invite us over and teach us how to do it!!

Janet said...

that smiley face one is kind of scary LOL!