Thursday, June 19, 2008

This is NOT the way I like to wake up in the morning!!!

Seriously....are you sure it's Thursday? It's NOT Monday?? I'm on a bit of a tear and just need to vent......Please, my dear friends, be on the ready for positive comments and 'huggy-type' words, 'cause I'm needing them something awful!!!

The weather just pretty much sucks right now. This morning, at 6:30, it was cloudy and rainy and almost cool....UNTIL I MOVED!!! This is the season of the almost cool breeze....when one is standing still. Move even the slightest bit.....and the mugginess will attack you like ants at a people rushing to buy cheap crap at the New Year's Day opening day at *name your favorite sporting arena*'s nasty I tell you....downright yucky, nasty, gross.
Oh...but wait....I usually try to actually put on a little bit of make-up....for show ya know, 'cause sure as anything it'll be off in about 2 shakes!!! Fixing my hair?? UGH!!! Have made an appointment for a haircut this weekend and I do believe, I'm going VERY SHORT!!! It's always such a thrill to be blow-drying my hair and having a bead of sweat roll down my neck!!!!! And no....I can't just "wash and go"....not that kind of hair, my loves....this morning, I just put a headband on and said "Voila!!". My students know me well enough and recognize that dark cloud hovering over me that no one said a snarky word....which tells me...yep...they are my good friends and I probably should make some cookies for next week's class to say "gomen nasai." (I'm sorry).

Driving in this weather is just another challenge. Breathe inside the car and the windows will fog up. So..."defrost"? Warm? Cold air? Which? Remember....the air outside is still kind of cool....Koji and I both have hand towels on our seats so we can wipe the windows clean!!! "Why don't you roll the windows down?", you're saying to yourself? Love to...but's raining and in the Toyota, the water comes in...from any angle!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Shoes? Still wet from the downpour yesterday.....say "See you later" to dry shoes for the next few weeks days, at least.

Got home after my morning class to get the house presentable for my afternoon you know how hard it is to vacuum a floor that is....swear to God...wet from the humidity in the air?!?!?! Worked up, yet another sweat as I was cleaning around and under the kitchen table.

After class....I spent about 30 minutes on the phone with United Airlines...AAAAARRRRRGHGGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGH cough sputter cough cough!!!!

Earlier, when I was talking about buying tickets to the States for our summer holiday, I joked to someone about stopping off somewhere and selling a body part or two to help pay for the now looking into that option!!!
It's not the ticket price so's the "oil charge" that is killing me!!! Right of 4:00 on June19, the tax and "whatever" charge is.........$500.....PER TICKET!!! My ticket is going to be about $2300 and the boys' will be $1800...each!!! Am thinking that when we get to my hometown, I'm going to look into putting those buckets near the registers at all the know..."Help Debbie and her boys"...for donations!!!!

I have 5 students going to the States in August....we will all come back to Japan together....we usually spend the night in a hotel the night before we leave Denver, since we are on that 6:00 a.m. flight out.....but.....thanks to the National Democratic Convention, of which we are flying out right in the middle of....THERE ARE NO HOTELS IN DENVER.....ANYWHERE!!!! Now trying to book tickets to another town...making this vacation possibly the "most stressful in the planning stages" EVAH!!!!! do sound like a whiny girl, don't I?
I need to stop before I start in on the neighbors and the stupid people I have seen/met/talked to in the last few days and the latest "Stupid English" sign I saw at a restaurant the other day! (More on that one later....when a good mood has taken over and I can see the humor in the, it's just pissing me off!!!) is just what I need....some flowers......

....and some of my favorite "eye candy" ........

You gotta love Matt.....but YOU...from afar, because always remember....HE'S MINE!!

Now I'm going to close this ranty post....take a deep breath and try to find my "happy place"!!!

Wish me luck....if you comment and it makes me smile or laugh..I will love you forever!!!!


Manager Mom said...

Ugh... I can almost feel myself dripping with sweat after reading your post.

But thanks for the buff chestage, that's always nice to see!

Nancy said...

Take two martini's and call me in the morning.


Memarie Lane said...

Having lived in Florida for three years I know what you're going through. And here I was complaining about the 8% humidity we had yesterday.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You paint a very vivid picture--and it's not pleasant.

Is there time in your day for a Margarita? Held by someone else and drunk through a straw so you don't have to move? Perhaps with a fan pointed directly at your body? I know--get Matthew to do it!

katydidnot said...


and i heart calvin.

Ginaagain said...

Humidity and awful airline prices.. I completely understand why that would mess with your mood. I'm sorry. (((((Hugs)))))

Claudia said...

You totally stole him out of the truck. I am SO going to find you and bring him back. Matt stealer!!!!! *hugs* OK, you can borrow him if he helps you feel better. Today. But I want him back. Unbroken. And where is have stashed somewhere too, I know it..

Susan said...

Gosh, I just don't know what to say to cheer you up, except it sounds like it can't get any worse, only better. Just to let you know my hot flashes sound alot like what you are going through, so I can relate (a little). Better get those tickets booked, cause that fuel charge may go up.
Hope you feel better after venting!
Love ya, Susan

ms-teacher said...

Wow! I am so sorry. At least I know when NOT to go to Japan! Sending positive thoughts and lots of love your way!!!!

Anonymous said...

I know it may not seem like it but there could be worse days....wading through muddy muck, wearing those ooohhhh so very attractive green,knee high wading boots, bra straps dangling down your arms, sweat dripping off unshaven pit hair, and little rolls of cellulite peaking out from under those cute little daisy duke shorts. I am thinking even if it is a rainy, sweaty, bad hair day, you can always think of something worse. As for your stay in Denver, put yourselves and guests up at friends and families kids would love it(maybe????). Cheer up and think of all the relaxing evenings on Mom's patio to come. Smiles(BIG ONES) sent to you. Luv ya...Shellie

The Girl Next Door said...

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. I can't stand Rain. Would die of the wetness. Melt, simply melt. Did I just admit to being the Wicked Witch of the West? I think so. Anyway, I am so sending you the biggest hugs ever. And Sorry the badasses have totally hijacked the hotels. Damned politicians. Why can't everyone be political agnostics like me??!!

BIGGEST HUGS EVER! And it's quite a drive from my house to the airport, but you can all stay with me! (in Maryland?!)

Mary Alice said...

Here is a nice dry hug for you. I hate that type of heavy humidity....the kind that gives you perpetual wet bra syndrome. It makes me cranky and hateful. And the price of the tickets? Holy Crap. I am very sorry. Get an ice cold coke and hold it on your forehead, then drink it with a little snort of rum over crushed ice.