Sunday, July 01, 2007

CONGRATULATIONS.......times two!!!

**First of all....I want to say "Welcome to the family!!" to the newest member of our clan.....Joe!! My youngest sister, Anna and Joe got married a few weeks ago in Las Vegas!!! They moved out there in March and though they were planning on a wedding in August (or September, sorry, can't remember!!) they decided to just go ahead and do it!!! I think that Anna offered us 2 different versions of what happened, one being the logical one (having to do with school, insurance and what-not) and the other being the romantic one (anniversary of first date, that sort of thing!!)
I think that it is great and, to be honest, had really wanted to do just that....but I would have had an Elvis or two to help out!!!

Here is where the wedding took place...I think that this is in the Guinness Book of Records or something...for what? I have no idea...maybe "most weddings" or something like that! :-D

We are so very happy for you two....I hope that we can meet Joe someday....most everyone got to meet him at Sara's wedding in December.
We wish you both the best of everything!!!
Much love...
*big hug*

Congratulations #2 goes to our very good friend Kim in Seattle and Brian!!
They were also married in Vegas...on Wednesday!! (what is it about Las Vegas these days?!?!)

They planned to be married at the fountains at the Bellaggio Hotel....a few close friends and family were to be there. (I was there in spirit as if there had been any way to be there, I would have!!!)

Kim and I met here in Nagasaki...we knew each other for a couple of years, then ended up working together for about 3 years. I have been lucky enough to have met some incredibly wonderful people here that ended up being some of my "bestest" friends, and Kim is definitely one of those people. I've never met Brian, but...if Kim loves him, then that's good enough for me!!! Welcome to "the family"!!! (I hope I can meet him someday, too!!)
Congratulations again....I'm looking forward to the pictures and hearing all about it!!! (especially in "real time", when I am only one hour ahead of you, instead of 15!!)


Paida said...

Thanks for the info and a BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO KIM!!!