Sunday, July 01, 2007

It's been a "far side" kind of day.... of my favorite Far Side cartoons (oF which, there are MANY!!) is the one where there are two spiders at the bottom of a slide in the park. They have made a web that goes across the end of the slide and one spider says to the other, "If we pull this off, we'll eat like kings."
In our garden, living in the trees, we have 2 of the hugest spiders I have ever seen....though they make absolutely beautiful webs that sometimes go from tree to tree, they are still quite scary looking!, I came home after my morning class to get some laundry done...there was a break in the rain and there was actually some sunshine for a bit....sticky sunshine, but sunshine nonetheless!! (FYI...very few people here use driers....most laundry is hung outside...or on rainy days, hung all over the house!!!)
Ahem....back to my, I haven't been able to hang out laundry for a few days and on the first load to hang up...I'm walking around the corner of the house and all of a sudden it was like..."what the hell?!?!?!" I walked into one of those huge spider webs!!! They had made one that went from the house over to loquat tree (about 4 feet!!). I was trapped!!! :-D
I *flashed* on the cartoon and thought to myself...."Wow!! That Gary Larson really knew what he was writing about!!"
I was laughing (while getting myself untangled from the web!!) thinking about that....the spiders were probably very disappointed when I got "out"!! (and my neighbors probably think I'm a nutter....carrying on like I was....I might have actually said something TO the spiders......!!)
Oh well....just another goofy day here in Japan!!


Anonymous said...

Love that story, it really conjures up some of the things that you deal with living in Japan.

In England people hang out their laundry to dry too...hardly ever use dryers.

I always wonder why we don't do that here in California (of course my first thought being that we're just energy guzzling evil people), because it's so much dryer here..but I have a theory. The moisture in Japan (and England) makes for a much softer end product when the clothes are dry..when you hang your clothes to dry outside here they come back stiff as a board, shrunken and dehydrated by the sun! Maybe this explains it partially???

dkuroiwa said...

Hi Caroline!! Yes...the moisture in Japan is nice (my skin feel so nice MOST of the time!!), except now, during the rainy season. I swear to you that I put some t-shirts out on the line on Friday afternoon....and this morning (Monday!!) they are still damp....and sure enough, they will have that "slightly soured-kind-of smell"!!! Oh least everyone else you meet is also suffering from the same thing!!!
Yes...just another little facet of life that keeps things interesting here!!! :-D
(I'm counting the days until we leave for a vacation in the States....16 days!!!)
Have a good one!!