Friday, July 13, 2007

Welcome "typhoon #4"...please be kind to us!!! it is...Friday night (Friday, the 13th, mind you!!)...and we are patiently waiting for Typhoon #4 to come to our area. Our "typhoon season" has started really early, this year. Usually, they don't hit until more into the month of July...of course, we do have early ones sometimes, but our "rainy season" isn't over yet, which makes it really bad for some areas that have already gotten tons of rain!!
On this map, you can see where it was at 8:00 this evening. Okinawa felt the effects for about 24 hours (said the news a while ago!)....lots of rain and wind. One driving range at a golf course pretty much just blew away....and yes, it is headed towards us!! (the typhoon, NOT the driving range!!!)
Right now, we just have some wind and it has started raining, but just a little bit.
It won't come directly over us, but the whole typhoon is expected to almost completely cover the island of Kyushu throughout the day tomorrow.

On this map, you can see the red outline just south of the island of Kyushu (that's us!!). Right now, it looks as if tomorrow around noon or so, it will be the closest.
I guess, my class tomorrow morning will probably be cancelled....I better call some students and find out!! :-D

Tomorrow morning will be spent bringing in the potted plants...the lawn chairs....anchoring down anything that might blow away!
We have metal shutters that we close on all our sliding doors....and we have a lot of those...but, we try to not do that until the very last as it makes it completely dark in the house!! Issei just said that we will be okay as long as he and Koji can watch the DVD's that we rented should have seen the rush at the video store!!! (The grocery store was just as busy!!) The funny thing is....usually, during a really bad typhoon....the electricity will go least for a little bit...sometimes longer!!!
The candles are ready and the flashlights have new batteries....we have food....and we are ready!!!
As Bette Davis said in one of her movies...."It's going to be a bumpy night!"

(** But, since I really like storms, it will also be kind of exciting!! I just hope and pray that the typhoon goes more in an eastern direction and the main part misses us!!!)

Will keep you posted....
And....if anyone hears of this storm on the news....could you let me know what name they have given her?? We just go by numbers here!!!!
(Uncle Bob....Dan-O your stuff!!!) :-D

More later from the stormfront......


Anonymous said...

Be safe - have fun! Kim

dad said...

Hi kiddo;
well,i'm not uncle bob or danno-mano, but ......
according to the international weather people the name is Typhoon Man-Yi.
earlier this morning the phone connections were down somewhere between here and there so i'll try this evening.
hopefully this won't effect flights later this week!!!
Cover up and stay dry!!
be safe.