Sunday, July 15, 2007

"Man-Yi"....the typhoon that really wasn' least in Nagasaki!!

Here it is a sunny Sunday afternoon and we are all thankful that typhoon #4, or Man-Yi, as she was named...didn't really hit Western Japan.
We were extremely lucky because the eastern part of our island just got hammered!!! After having it rain for basically the last 2 weeks plus the typhoon, things have gotten pretty dangerous what with landslides and such. Yesterday was actually calm with only some wind and strangely enough, no all!! I kept thinking that the skies would just open up, but that never happened!!!, we are doing "power laundry"!!! I have just put in the last bit of anything that needed to be washed and I won't be packing dirty clothes to come to the States!!! *whew*
The boys are outside playing with friends that they won't see for a month..."power playing" perhaps?!?! :-D We are having dinner with some friends this evening and tomorrow will be spent getting suitcases ready!!!
This is a short post, but I just wanted to let you know that we were okay!!!
Ciao babies!!


Anna said...

horray for not getting hit by a typhoon!

jan in nagasaki said...

i think it was MAN-YI....

at any rate... it was harmless and today was a fabulous laundry day!

dkuroiwa said...

Oops!! Thanks for the correct name...where the hell did "Ming-Li" come from anyway?!?! Too funny!! :-D
See you tomorrow, Jan, for coffee!!

Paida said...

Glad it missed you guys!

Can't wait to see photos from Colorado!

Hi Jan! You need to start a blog!

Paida said...

OK I am waiting for some Colorado Photos! {both with and with out Lila!}

jan in nagasaki said...

yes, I too wouldnt mind an update.

in fact. where in the hell is the update???



Paida said...

What you forgot your camera?

No internet service in Springfield CO?

Drinking so many Margaritas you forgot how to log onto Blogger?

Que Pasa?