Monday, April 09, 2007

Chocolate, jelly beans, and other words...


I hope that you are all enjoying today. (That is, those of you who celebrate this holiday!!) :-)
If you aren't celebrating, then I hope you are just enjoying the day!!
I spoke with my Mom earlier and she and a friend were going to the Easter Service in the city park. My brother and his family and a few "extras" were joining the others from the church in the annual "Two Buttes Mountain Climb and Sunrise Service". Everyone was getting up at 5:00 for the sunrise....and by now, I am assuming most are already back home and taking a rest.....well, the adults, anyway. The kids are probably eating their way to the bottoms of their Easter chocolate bunny bite at a time!!!

I thought these cartoons were just too funny...thought I would share them with you!!

I'm not sure when I started doing this, but it is something that we have done every year......In our entrance way, we have an "Easter Tree". The boys and I searched our yard for the perfect branch to use....this year the one we chose had little white flowers and is quite lovely....I have a small collection of wooden bunny ornaments that I bought on one of my trips home. There are also 2 ornaments I actually brought with me when I first came to Japan 16 years ago. Then, the wooden eggs....there are three of them...not sure where I got them, but after doing some research on the net, I'm thinking they are Russian. I wonder where I got those?!?! They are handpainted and the boys and I love them!!

Here is a closer picture....Issei also thought that the M&M Guys they got a couple of years ago in their Easter Baskets were a great touch!!
(In case you were wondering....the red cloth under the vase is actually an obi...wide silk belt used with kimono....the colors are so bright, I thought it was the perfect accent for the decorations!!)

I wish you all lots of chocolates, jelly beans, sunshine, and the feeling of "spring"...may it last all year long!
Peace...and lots of love!!


Paida said...

Love the Easter tree!

Happy Easter to you and to all your family in the States.

Here is something funny Eduardo and I got in an argument whether or not the Easter bunny is a boy or girl. It is BOY duh! In Mexico it is a girl!