Sunday, April 15, 2007

A great day for the park...

Today the boys and I went to our friend Laryssa's 4th birthday party. The day was a bit overcast at first, so it was perfect for the kids to play in the park...they had a pretty good time doing bubbles and just being outside. The boys were such "troopers" was mainly a bunch of little girls...Issei was a bit grumbly about it until the cake and ice cream came out and Koji was just being Koji....I think he kind of liked the little girls, but as that really isn't very "cool" (according to Big Brother!!), he bonked a couple on the head with the big plastic hammer just to make it look like he didn't care!!! :-D

(yes, we apologized and even let one bonk him back!!)

I will try to put a couple pictures from the party was amazing to be surrounded by all that "girliness" and pink....Both Laryssa and her little sister, Juliana were wearing their "princess/ballerina" outfits....It was nice to play Aunt Debbie for a while...painting fingernails and stuff....As I can't do that sort of stuff with my boys, I get to "borrow" friends' little girls...Kayla, Kazune, Laryssa and Juliana, to name a few....Though I dearly love my boys...I do love "my girls". And thinking about it....I've done this for many years....we can add Lindsey, Whitney, and Ryleigh, (in Colorado) to that list..."little girls" who have grown up now, but will always have special places in my heart!!! all you "girly girls" out there....and every one else...I hope you had a great weekend. I hope you could enjoy being outside and being with friends and having fun!!