Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spring has sprung......

Here are some pictures that I took around our garden today. After being "teased" with spring for the past few weeks....I'm thinking that it might be here to stay. Spring is my favorite time of year....not humid yet, cool mornings that move into warm and sunny afternoons and evenings that have just enough of a coolness that make sleeping really nice!!
The orange flowers above were a gift from our friend, Mrs. Kikutani. She has a few in her garden and after I lusted after them last year, she gave me one!! *smile*
Neither Kiyoshi nor I can remember the exact name of this plant, but it is a kind of orchid....when I remember the name, I will tell you!!! It just bloomed on hoping the flowers last awhile as they are so pretty!!

This is my little part of the yard....the small white flowers came from a package of seeds I found a couple of years ago and they have multiplied like crazy. You can also see my has gone from a small plant to an actual tree!!! About time to cut some off and hang it to dry!!! I don't know if it will show up in the picture or not, but my "flamingo collection" is there, sort of in the middle!! Mom sent me a couple for Christmas a couple of years ago as did my brother's almost like they know me, or something!!! :-)
Here are the first of the about 4 or 5 days, maybe, there will be many many more!! We have pink, red and white will be so pretty this weekend....

...and finally....the blueberry bush. Doesn't really look like much now, but, compared to what it was a couple of years ago....THIS is amazing!!! When the blueberries first came in, I laughed when Kiyoshi wanted me to make blueberry was literally, one blueberry per muffin!!! Last year, there were enough for not only "multiple blueberry" blueberry muffins, but we also had some pancakes!!! This year's "crop" should be even better......yummmmmm....can't wait!!!


dadnginger said...

Dearest Deb; Our gardens may reflect our lives.With such variation, splashes of this and that,haphazard but almost planned continuity, and always with such color, yours - and you - are forever a joy. Gardens and children - remarkable reflections!!!
Love you. Love your gardens - both kids and plants!! By the way, where are the jalepeno's??

Paida said...

Love the garden. I never knew you had such a green thumb!