Friday, March 30, 2007

And the word for today is......

So I was going through the usual blogs that I read and my sister, Sara, had written on one post that she had "ganked" a link from a friend's blog. Ganked? Was this a real word...or just something she made up? (Don't laugh....I find myself using "Debbie-isms" in class....they may or may not be real words!!! Case in point: re-invent. As in "I'm trying to re-invent myself this year....I try to do it every now and then." Not in the dictionary of any of my students....I knew what I was talking about!!)

Anywayyyyy....back to gank. Did a bit o'checking and on the trusty Wikipedia site....there it was....gank....(transitive): To swindle.
(transitive): To rob, steal.
, (Internet) To copy, reproduce, reuse, or save an image, idea, or work of another person, often in the context of materials posted on the Internet. Ganking can occur with or without permission.
May I gank your icon?
(slang), (transitive), (Internet) To kill, ambush, or defeat with little effort; used in online games.

I'm thinking that I like this word. I think that I will try to use it whenever I can. I might be a pretty good ganker and not even know it! I just hope that when I DO use it, my students have new dictionaries so it will be in there and I don't have to look like I'm making up words...again!!

Have a good day all! And remember, if you have to gank something (like I ganked the word 'gank' from my sister's blog!)....make it something good!!


Paida said...

I going to gank your gank and put it on my blog!

SaraRow said...

It's just part of my job as a writer to bring terrible-sounding slang into the common lexicon. Glad I could expand your vocabulary!

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
I don't have your email address, so I'll communicate this way. Thank you so much for your kind and loving thoughts on the death of my friend Lucy.

I read your blog often and love the connection. And I loved that fact that you read the blog of our big trip and showed your boys the animal pictures.